Mar 23, 2012

Out of the Looking Glass and Out the Window

For those of you who have heard or haven't heard, a few weeks ago Morgan fell out of his bedroom window. He's fine now, it seems, though I'm still nearly paralyzed with fear every morning I open his door, afraid he's fallen out again but this time with his luck run out.

To set the record straight and to explain how lucky he is, how blessed we are, and how determined he is, I'd like to give my side of the story, how I've pieced it together.

Morgan often goes in his room, as most 2 year olds do, sometime in the afternoon for nap and/or quiet time. This particular Thursday he apparently climbed onto his ledge, (which we've known he can do for most of his life), but this time, instead of giggling and playing peek-a-boo, Morgan Danger the Determined One unlocked his window and slid it open, leaned against the screen and plopped out the window, onto the (thank heaven) soft earth below. Tracie was home in the other room and heard faint crying. I likely would have dismissed it at the neighbors' baby, so I'm so grateful it was Tracie who heard.

At an average Thursday at work, I received a phone call from Tracie. Normally I ignore it, as it's often Morgan who has ninja'd Tracie's phone away from her, but I stood up from my desk to answer. "Morgan fell out of the window."


After pacing down the halls at work, borderline screaming and on the verge of tears, I explained to my boss the situation and raced home, driving 60-70 mph down State Street. We took him to the hospital, seen right away by half a dozen medical workers. They checked Morgan out, had him walk around and promptly downgraded him from a severe risk, told us what signs of a concussion to watch for and sent us home.

I placed 2 screws in his window to ensure he NEVER does this again, as we've bought window guards (kind of like door-stops for windows) for every other window in the house, and amended to give our next child a more serene middle name like "Safety" or "Boring."

Thank you all for your prayers and thank heavens our little Danger Boy was made sturdy.


Ammon said...

We're so glad Morgan's OK. That boy's got his guardian angels working overtime!

Jacob I. McMillan said...

We are glad he's OK and we hope he manages to stay out of (his middle name) for the foreseeable future.

But man, how awesome a story is this going to be in a couple years?

Charity said...

So glad he is ok! That is just terrifying. Maybe you guys should consider a trip to the social security office for a name change, huh? :P

Charlo said...

You know, when my dad went into comma, I got a call after midnight while Brett and I were watching a movie. Normally, I too would have ignored the call, but I got up to see who it was from. My mom. How odd. I answered.

It's not that I knew something was wrong, 'because I didn't, I just knew I should get up and get my phone.

Funny how that works... Phone calls we would normally ignore.