Mar 23, 2012


So as some of you may know, I applied for the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree/Program at University. Unless I'm being to subtle with my title and picture, you may have already concluded I got rejected.

I will try to repress the bitterness and betrayal I feel, and how I think marking someone's work's creativity as "weak" because you don't get it is not only not professional or not helpful, it's downright stupid. I will attempt to avoid that I think the majority of the teachers over the design department at the University are not only non-helpful, they are downright damaging to design students and possibly any human being they come in contact with. I will by no means make note of the fact that their "advice" for what they look for in a portfolio consists solely of what type of portfolio case to buy, or that constructive criticism consists of turning one's head slightly askew and remarking "I don't like it." Or "It doesn't work for me."

I won't say that aside from a few shining examples by adjunct professors, I've learned so little from the graphic design teachers at my University I think I not only deserve my money back, I and everyone else in the program deserve to be paid to have to sit through any amount of time with those individuals. I won't say that belittling a student for dropping your class because he has to have hip surgery should be a crime, and that just because you know how to design, it doesn't mean you know how to teach.

All I will say is that although I failed to get in to the program, I am still proud of what I turned in. It is the best work I have ever done despite their complete lack of empathy or assistance. I didn't fail, they failed me.

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