Jan 25, 2013

Updated Bucket List

About three years ago I wrote a Life Checklist. After some time to reflect, and instead of a top 100, I'm gonna go for a top 10. The impetus was because I had seen this fax that Michael Crichton sent to Chip Kidd about the Jurassic Park cover done by Kidd, and I thought "I want something like that." And because I decided that I really want to read a certain book before I die, and from what I've heard, it's kind of long.

I'm going to refrain from writing things like "be a good father & husband" or "be a good/happy person," because, while those of extreme importance to me, there's no real event or time you can check off "good father" in the checklist, it's a continual process, and this is just about things I want to do that I can check off. I'm also not going to include other things that are extremely important to me (see my work published, perform for a full house, become a father) but have already happened.

Some are recycled, most are new, in no particular order:

1. Receive a fax like this re: a book cover I designed, from a best-selling author. I'd be ok with an email.

2. Read all of Remembrance of Things Past by Marcel Proust.

3. Kiss the Blarney Stone.

4. Have a secret passageway in or around my home.

5. Hold all my grandchildren at once.

6. Create a masterpiece.

7. Meet Neil Gaiman.

8. Keep a secret.

9. Make peace with God.

10. Save a life.



Ammon said...

Nice list. The life you may end up saving could very well be your own.

Charlo said...

If you have to put "keep a secret" on your bucket list...

Justin said...

#4 is on mine as well, except it adds "That leads into the section of my basement that I have built to look like the bridge of a starship."

Austin said...

@Justin: I didn't mention that, because that part is understood.