Jun 18, 2008

Austin and the Wonderful World of Art

Seems a bit egotistical that Austin keeps putting his name in the posts. Though, it's a bit egotistical that he calls his blog "Austintatious," one could even argue the ostentatiousness of his claim. But I won't.

This is about 2 phases of art and mee.

I finished my 2D Design class yesterday, and want to post a picture of my final that took me about 10 hours, (opposed to other students who took a photograph and matted it) I'll post it eventually and maybe talk about it a little. Just, in closing, I'd like to say I enjoyed taking the class, despite it being at Spanish Fork High School, I was grateful for an excuse to go to SF and visit my Uncle Jim & Aunt Jan's family biweekly, and to have a good teacher (yes, he turned out to be very good) instruct me in my first art class in about seven years.

Ok, I'll talk about it and post it later. For the final we could do anything we wanted, and then write about the principles of design (line, shape, color, rhythm, illusion of space, texture, etc.). Several students just took a picture or a few pictures (one just got 4 pictures they'd taken 4 years earlier), and one genius used a final project from a drawing class. Though there were some nice ones in there as well. A computer-generated seascape, a doctored photo that was simply breathtaking, and a really really cool design done on a plate of steel by an auto body painter. I opted for an illustration, as it is something I'd love to do someday, (among many other things, of course.) I did an Aubrey Beardsley-esque illustration from the Oscar Wilde story "The Selfish Giant." Like I said, I'll try to post a picture of it, but so far the pictures I've taken don't justify it's beauty, which is pretty beautiful, if I do say so myself.

Also (and I apologize if I mentioned this before, but not too much) a very big thank you to Troy and Jen for giving Tracie & I the opportunity to WRITE something!!! Their ward is doing a Piratey activity and we get to write a little pirate skit/mini play. I'm pretty excited about it, and will let you know more details (as well as probably post the whole thing on glass of random) as they come.

In the Artist's way, it talks about Synchronicity, or things happening to you that help you with your creativity. I think both these things are great examples of Synchronicity.

So have you picked up "The Artist's Way" yet?

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birdonthelawn said...

i have always wanted to read the artist's way. i like that there are homework assignments...i could use that.