Jun 23, 2008

Weekend of Wonders

I've been a lucky son of a gun 2 weekends in a row. (Ironically, neither of my parents are firearms or weapons of any kind). First, this week my parents & lil' bros were in town, and we got to see them several times. My parents went to Thanksgiving Point where the Plein Air Art Festival was going on (more on this later) as they know the CEO of Thanksgiving Point. (Good Friends) So they wanted us to go to Thanksgiving Point to see the Festival, and who were we do argue? (Nobody, that's who!) Now, let me go in reverse a bit. Here's Saturday:

Unlucky part: As usual, I had Biology from 8-12 Saturday morny. It was ok, as we mostly talked about evolution and how the earth came about by alien life generator technology and other fairy tales. It was my last class of the semester (next week is the final) so I was happy about that. No more Biology!!! So the unlucky part became the lucky part! HA! This really was a great weekend.

After class we went out to lunch, Wingers, our restaurant of choice, and greatly enjoyed that, naturally. Then we went to Thanksgiving Point, which neither of us have ever been, (the gardens, that is) and they were just gorgeous. I had no idea somewhere so beautiful was so close. Tracie went trigger happy with the camera, shooting everything in sight, until the camera couldn't keep up with her and gave up the ghost and 2 sets of batteries. We met a few of the artists there, I didn't get to meet James Christensen but I saw his umbrella! Wow, you saw James Christensen's umbrella? Lucky! We'll post some of Tracie's lovely pictures sometime, I'm sure. Thank you mom & dad for paying for us to go to Thanksgiving Point and to rent a golf cart, (it was REALLY hot!!) we had a great time!

After Thanksgiving Point, we went to see "Get Smart" with tickets I won at work. I give it my full recommendation, we laughed pretty much the entire time. It was so refreshing to see a movie that 1) doesn't rely on dirty embarrassing humor (there was some dirty humor, but it wasn't the focus and it wasn't disgusting) and they never milked a joke because there were so many in there, it was like, "this joke: funny, quick, next joke, next joke, etc." there was so much funny going on you couldn't keep up. And kudos to the writers & director for making the film suspenseful AND hilarious, and the actors for nailing their characters. In conclusion, I loved it and give it an easy 5 stars. We're definitely going to buy this one. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard and so frequently in the movie theater. BAsically, I liked it.

And that was our Saturday! Jealous? (Unless you're Mandy ;))
Sunday was also good, Aaron & Heidi's new arrival William was blessed and so we got to go see them and have a good luncheon at Aaron's parents house (also in Thanksgiving Point) and we went home, had a long nap, and went to the McNeils and visited, had food, and went on a lovely walk in their lovely neighborhood. It was lovely. And there's our weekend.

Now I'm back at work, all ready for a great week in store!


Monica said...

Wow You two really keep yourselves busy. Sounds like fun. Grandma B said that your parents were visiting. Hope you had a nice time.

JanB said...

With that endorsement, we've got to go see Get Smart!

Kris said...

Okay you sold us on seeing Get Smart. I'm in need of a good laugh. It's been too long.

Mandy said...

Wow, ok, you win :) I had to sing in a choir concert and take seminary students to dinner...not NEARLY as fun. We can't wait to go see Get Smart, I used to love watching it on Nick at Night

Heather said...

What a lovely weekend! My family went to Thanksgiving Point when we were in town last year in July. But we never did get to go to the gardens. I was the only one who wanted to go, but after the Dinosuar Museum, the kids and grandparents were all tuckered out.

Please post the pics of the garden soon. Funny about the camera batteries dying. I have a recommendation Tracie- the Energizer photo lithium batteries. Yes, more expensive, but LASTS so much LONGER!! I can use mine for about a month of constant picture taking AND taking a few movie clips before having to put in new ones.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that both of you liked the gardens at Thanksgiving Point!

I'm practicing for the Video Games Live concert next month...so far my favorite songs are from last year's concert, One Winged Angel(from Final Fantasy)and World of Warcraft. You can look at the VGL site(http://www.videogameslive.com)
to get an idea of what you're missing...it really is fun, if it comes to your city, GO! Love, Mom