Jun 6, 2008

Last Weekend

Last weekend, I gave you my heart, the very next day, you gave it away. Last weekend I had lots of fun, until it was Mon., I cried like a nun. Man, I'm good.

Well, the weekend is almost here, and I have fun plans for it, so I better hop to that post on what I did for the weekend, last weekend!

Saturday was a lot of fun. I had Biology from 8-12, (not as fun, but I like the teacher) and shopped at Wal-Mart. We did our typical Saturday stuff, like cleaning and whatnot, then we went up to the Provo Canyon with Tracie's friend from work Charity and her husband James (becoming my friends too.) It was a lot of fun, we found a place pretty quiet and secluded next to the river and visited and had a lotta fun. We made tinfoil dinners and banana boats cooked in aluminum foil in the fire, taken from a project Tracie did in school.

Retelling the story doesn't really equate the fun it was. Some of Charity & James' friends joined us later, and we roasted marshmallows and Starburst and hot dogs as well. I took some small twigs and drew a charcoal Homer Simpson on the cement where our table was. Then I got the bright Idea to take a large half charred tree branch and write with that. If you don't believe me, they all took a lot of pictures. I wrote "I Tlee", but then I realized that my shirt was COVERED in soot from the branch. Smart, Austin. Very smart. S-M-R-T.

Sunday we had church of course and went to the McNeils as Alan & Taylor are away this week and the next, Alan wanted to bring the whole family (Utah branch) together. we had fun as always, playing a variant of pictionary where you draw things about a person in the room and everyone guesses who it is.

Stay tuned for this weekend o fun, I'll try to get it out before next Friday. (And I'll post a pic on here later too. For some reason I can't put pictures on here right now.)

Oh, and go check out Glass of Random, I posted 2 stories I wrote awhile ago on there. They'll have pictures added too, eventually.

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