Jun 18, 2008

Egads! I've been Tagged!!

Charlotte has tagged me. Now I have no choice but to react.

10 years ago I was...
Dying of cancer, having High School at home and dating my first girlfriend Suzette.

5 years ago I was...
Getting back from my mission to Minnesota and debating what the heck I should do next.

1 year ago I was...
Enjoying my job a lot. Working at QualitySmith, having fun, and getting ready to go back to college. And getting ready to celebrate my 1 year anniversary to Tracie. Yay!

Yesterday I was...
At work, blogging, then in SF at my last 2DDesign class of the semester.

5 favorite snacks...
Jelly bellies
Gummi cokes
pretzels and all pretzel relatives (soft pretzels, gardetto's, etc.)
Pretty much any and everything made by Tracie the next day. (The day before it was dinner/lunch/a meal)

5 favorite books...
The Alchemist by Pablo Coelho
Complete Poems of E.E. Cummings
Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman
The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron (I don't usually call something a fave after reading it just once, but for this I'll make an exception)
Exile by R.A. Salvatore

5 Favorite movies...
The Princess Bride
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Strictly Ballroom
Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Honorable Mentions:
French Kiss, Shrek 1, Star Wars Original Trilogy, Harry Met Sally, Young Frankenstein.

5 favorite places to runaway to...
The Library
The Park
The Internet
The Movies

5 bad habits...
Only 5? Nosepicking (sorry)
brainless internet surfing (dang Wikipedia!)
being offended when no offense was meant
swearing (but only in the car. I'm working on it, Mom, I swear! Dang it!)

5 things I would never wear...
I'm a boy, so these aren't as interesting, unless...
a bikini
a thong (try getting rid of THAT image!)
lipstick (never again)
a leather jacket (not that I protest animal cruelty or turning them into clothes, kill them all, but I just can't pull the leather jacket look off. I'm just too damn cute & sweet.)
a white glove covered in rhinestones. (don't ask)

5 pet peeves...
Fake people
Bad comedians (that goes to both bad mouthed ones, and unfunny ones. You all suck!)
Hollywood Media and their obsessions with celebrity
Paris Hilton (see fake people)
people who leave the toilet seat down.

5 things I enjoy...
Greek food
Art & Poetry
Good writing (esp. Fantasy) whether my own or others.
anything that tickles my funny bone (it's very sensitive)

5 favorite TV shows...
Arrested Development
Obligatory ones (Simpsons, Friends, Seinfeld, Home Improvement, etc.)
I don't watch much/any TV shows that are still on, really.
American Idol

5 people I would like to meet...
Living people or dead people? I'll do both.

Dead (or not on the earth, currently)
Jesus Christ
Oscar Wilde
Captain Moroni
Mark Twain
Jim Morrison

Alive (that I'm aware of)
Neil Gaiman
Thomas S. Monson
Shigeo Fukuda
Steven Spielberg
Dave Barry

I'm not good at tagging people (one reason I was always one of the last ones picked for tag. But I was really good at BEING tagged. Guess some things never change.)

So I'll tag EVERYBODY!!! If you're on my list of Blogs o Fun, you've been Tagged! Ashley, Brittnee, Charity, Cheryl, Erin, Heather, Heidi, Jan, Jasmine, Jen, Jessica, Jim, Justin, Katy, Kris, Lynette, Mandi, Mandy, Becki, Seth, Taylor, Tracie, and anyone ELSE who reads this blog!!! (Charlotte is exempt, as she tagged me, and as we all know, there are no tagbacks allowed.)

How's THAT for a tag! Ooh, snap!


Heather said...

THat wa a wonderful post! I loved Ferris Day Off too, as well as Princess Bride.

I had to laugh at the swearing in the car part. I am pretty sure that Ryan still does that as he tries hard not to do it at home or accidentally in front of the kids. Some habits die hard, especially in the law enforcement business where language isn't exactly all flowers and roses.

Amanda said...

this was fun to read about you! you're a rock star... i had fun visiting with you and Tracie on Saturday!


Mandy said...

Really? No rhinestone glove? And I have to admit that your weekend DOES sound really fun, maybe if you had included a philly cheesesteak that would have boosted it u pa notch ;)

Anonymous said...


I'm a big fan of Paulo Coelho! You will love this! He's the first best-selling
author to be distributing for free his works on his blog:

Have a nice day!


Kris said...

Dang Austin, I was hoping to dodge the tag.

Austin said...


Monica said...

Hey Austin, It is Monica hope you remember who I am. Gary and Irene Beckstrom's Daughter. Anyway this is really the best post from you. I enjoyed reading your favorites and what nots. Hope to hear from you.