Jun 10, 2008

Show Me An Angel And I Will Paint One

I love this painting. The Wounded Angel, by Hugo Simberg. I’ve wanted to find something blogrelevant to be able to post it, but I couldn’t, so I’m just posting it.

I found it while I was looking at Symbolist painters, and I think it’s breathtaking. It looks like a painting done by a Realist, maybe Courbet or Millet, but it has an angel. What’s remarkable is that it doesn’t seem out of place.

But it’s too perfect and pure for this world, so it’s injured and must be carried by 2 children, accusingly looking at us, as if our unworthiness caused the Angel’s wounds. What amazes me most is I’ve never seen this painting or heard of this artist. What other great beauties of Art are hiding in History? instead of showing the same paintings by the same artists over and over again, expand your views and discover a new artist, or a way of looking.

I know I will.


Heather said...

Your words and thoughts really fit this painting.

How true that children are the innocent ones who will be even allowed near the angels.

I must confess that the only paintings that I see are the ones at church.

Kris said...

Never seen this picture before. It's true that a picture says a thousand words.

sandra said...

what i think this picture says is even if kids are living in this dark world they carry an angel whereever they go

Anonymous said...

So great that you posted this! it's a touching and remarkable painting indeed.. and your words are every true... There is a music video that brings this painting to life, did you know? (Nightwish - Amaranth)

Anonymous said...

Murray Bodo, OFM, has just published a book of poetry entitled Wounded Angels with this poignant picture on the cover and a heart-rending poem on the same subject. A beautiful book.

Vik said...

Really glad you like the book - the image is so beautiful isn't it? We were very pleased to receive permission from the Ateneum art archive to use it on the cover of Wounded Angels (http://www.blissfool.co.uk)