Dec 8, 2008

Divine Comedy

Last Friday, at the Joseph Smith Building Auditorium, BYU’s Divine Comedy performed their “best of” for the year.

Tracie and I attended, along with roughly 1,000 BYU students, all younger than we are and more single. I haven’t attended a “college event” in quite awhile, and, despite the Mormon horde, it was very enjoyable.

Divine Comedy specializes in good natured spoof while thrusting as many Utah Valley and Mormon references you can shake a triple combination at. For example, the James Bond parody was called “Nickelcade Royale” and featured things like James Bond chasing the bad guy to the sound of Mario Bros., or fighting the villain with the screen behind them showing their names and life meter like Mortal Kombat. There was also a parody of the Lion King, aptly called “The Cougar King.” About the BYUSA (BYU Student Association) vice president’s journey and growing up. Along the way he gets lost and meets Timon & Pumbaa at UVU. They sang the song “UVU, it’s our problem free, Univer-si-ty! UVU!” (to the tune of “Hakuna Matata”). Though they mocked my school, I didn’t mind, as they mocked their school just as mercilessly. However, as we all know, BYU does have more to mock.

Tracie and I actually weren’t the only married couple there, though we were in the minority. Seated next to us were the Schramers, Brittnee and Matt, who came, just as we did, for the laughter, and the cheap date (only $5). They both thought it was “hilarious” and at times laughed harder than we did.

Divine Comedy started in 1994 when 2 BYU students, Randy Davis and Greg Peterson, got together to make a sketch comedy show that was as clean as it was funny. It now has 10 members, all current BYU students who have to contribute their own ideas and scripts for their shows.

I enjoyed the performance very much and will recommend divine comedy to anyone, BYU student or even married.

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lynette said...


1 word.


Austin said...

this is my final for writing for mass media.

Charlo said...

They were funny the first few years I went, then when tried a few times while I was married, they really sucked. Glad to hear they are out of it.

JanB said...

Sounds like fun.
Are they still playing?

Austin said...

i believe not until next year, but you can check out their website,

Heather said...

Dang! I just missed it then. I left BYU in 1994 to attend UVU (then called UVSC) and graduated in 1997.

Divine Comedy said...

Hey, I'm in Divine Comedy. And Freshmen Composition Mass Media. What a coincidence!