Dec 30, 2008

We had a Green Christmas

And not the environmentally friendly. Not that we were particularly mean to the environment either, (no more than usual) in fact, we recycled a lot!

But by Green Christmas, I mean we had our Christmas in Texas, in case this is the first of my blog posts you've read and you didn't notice that I've been writing about going to Texas for a little while now.

Well, we're back! Upon coming home, I learned to make sure there's not a load of wet laundry left in the washing machine when you're going away for a week, don't leave half a cup of cocoa in the microwave to ferment, take out the trash and flush the toilet. Needless to say, we were greeted with many smells upon our arrival home, reminding us that Tracie is pregnant and when I'm left to look after the place, some things get forgotten, until they start to smell.

We're still trying to make the place smell merry, but I'm getting ahead of the story like I usually do.

Last Saturday I had 2 finals, I guess I aced them both, or at least did passably well, as I ended up with a B and a B+ (and somehow an A in my writing class- score!) and I went home, we got all ready for leaving and left. Apparently we were so stressed about making sure we brought everything (which we did, including sunglasses we never used) we forgot little things like the state of potentially stinky things at home. I guess Tracie didn't think of them because she was bringing the stinkiest thing with her, (me) and I forgot because I was preoccupied with my 2 finals and irrationally stressing about getting to the airport on time.

Tracie's parents took us to the airport, we got there in pah-lenty of time, with time to spare for my routine pat down, the security guard was professional and friendly, making me wish my doctor had been an airport security guard at any point of his career.

Our flight was smooth and on time, noteworthy because we sat next to the emergency exit, causing my irrational side (they're ALL irrational sides) to have mini-terror daymares involving the door blowing off and holding on to Tracie for dear life so she wouldn't get sucked into the abyss of dead space, also known as Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and where ever else we flew over. Fortunately, none of that happened.

We arrived in Texas, and were immediately greeted by the humidity, we went to get our luggage and were then greeted by two of my three brothers, Ammon and Andrew.

We rode home in my parents minivan, the humidity and air conditioning in a timeless struggle for control as we reminisced and caught up on each other's lives, while Tracie and Andrew mostly played their Nintendo DSes. DSi. DS plural.

I was so excited to see everyone, but no one more than my niece and nephew, Carly and Wesley, visiting from Singapore. I got to see Wesley that night, but Carly was sleeping, so I didn't get to see her until at church the next day.

Church was good, I got to spot many old friends and families but we were quickly off to downtown Houston to catch the last performance of Handel's "Messiah" by the Houston Symphony, with my mommy in the Choir! We went with her parents, obviously also in Houston at the time, and my brother Andrew. It was a very moving experience, and great to hear the Oratorio in its entirety, instead of just the Hallelujah Chorus and "Unto Us."

The week was mostly uneventful and relaxing, (the way I like my vacations) we mostly visited, watched movies, went out to eat, played games, Tracie and I babysat Carly and Wesley while their parents went shopping, my mom's parents left two days before Christmas and my dad's parents came the day after Christmas, the other main highlights of our trip were a trip to the MFAH, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, and, of course, Christmas day! I'll write more about them once I get home, but now it's time to go!

I'm back. So, on Friday Tracie, Andrew and Mee went to the MFAH, I loved it. It's the first time I went through the whole museum (it's a biggie- fifth largest in the country) we saw works from Egypt, Greece, South America, Asia, Africa, and of course countless (not entirely countless, the museum has about 40,000 works on display) European artworks, and I must admit I myself was impressed not only with the amount of beauty and culture we took in, but how quickly (less than 3 hours) we saw it all.

Rewinding a bit, I wanted to announce that I have FINALLY finished reading "The Gunslinger," the first of the Dark Tower Series (Septet?) by Stephen King. Overall reaction: meh.
It was good, but not great. I originally read it because the story that's been practically beating on my brain to write on is a Western/Horror/Fantasy, which is what I understood Dark Tower to be, after reading the first, I couldn't think of two more different books. (Especially since one is still mostly in my head) but it was enjoyable in some parts, really dull in others, but, all in all, I finished reading it, and will probably read the next one before I judge them all.

Now, on to CHRISTMAS!!!

To toot my own horn, I pretty much made the traditional egg dish single handedly and it was delicious (not as good as when my mom makes it, but I got enough compliments and second and third helpings to think I did an ok job) we had the missionaries over like we always do, I gave up some ugly polyester ties from my mission for them, and Tracie and I racked in the booty. I'll let Tracie list what she got, Here's the best of my memory and the best Christmas in 2008!

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein (Children's book)
The Belgariad Vol 1-3 (of 5) (Book)
Sandman book 1 (Graphic Novel)
Sandman book 3 (Graphic Novel)
The Hush Sound Like Vines (CD)
The Hush Sound Goodbye Blues(CD)
Animaniacs Volume 2 (TV Season)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the old 90's cartoon! Sweet!)
She & Him (CD)
A Nintendo Wii (for Tracie AND me, from my parents)
Memoirs of Hugh B. Brown (book)
Lego Star Wars (Video Game)
Inn Fighting (board-esque game)
Money (cashola)
Moolah (bling)

And a very very merry Christmas!

The new year is almost here, I'm already writing my resolutions... I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and will have a happy new year!!!


JanB said...

Glad you had such a great time. I love hearing all about it.
Did you get any pictures?

Austin said...

we got some great pics of the fam damily, but you'll have to wait for tracie's post on it.

Heather said...

been through some stinky things like that upon arriving home from vacation, when the house was 100 degrees! (we turned the AC off in July to save on electricity costs)

You name it: toilets, sinks, trash, wet laundry with water in the washer, ugh, ugh. I was practically throwing up. Ever since that one time, I am obssessed that everything is cleaned and put away before leaving on vacation.

Christmas in Texas sounded so wonderful!