Dec 18, 2008

One Week Until Christmas

And nine days since I last posted. I have the same lame blogging excuses I usually do, I pretend like I don't have enough time and don't have anything interesting to write about. Well, last night was at least blogworthy enough to blog again, as well as catch a little up on the wonder that is me.

Last week I got to hear my baby's heartbeat for the first time. I've heard about it being one of the coolest parts of pregnancy (for the dad) but was skeptical. It's just a heartbeat, it doesn't even sound like a heart beat, it sounds like a "whooshwhooshwhoosh." Well, at the OB-GYN/Midwife/Women's Clinic we go to, I got to hear the "whooshwhooshwhoosh." And it. was. awesome. I can't remember the last time I smiled so broadly, and literally could not stop smiling. I felt so much love for Tracie and I am so grateful she is in my life, and doing this, putting up with pregnancy sickness and a whiny husband.

Yesterday our car battery died. Those of you who know me know that I have had my fair share of car problems, I have had EVERYBODY'S fair share of car problems, but I didn't take it very well. It upset me. Long dramatic story short, Tracie followed the excellent advice of her sister HayLee, I followed the excellent advice of Tracie, and went to AutoZone to get the battery replaced. I changed my first battery! While I was changing it, I had an interesting encounter, where I was stopped by a sweet old man with a van. "Can you help me, please?" He asked. I said I could try, but I didn't work there, I was just trying to change my car battery. "Do you know anything about interior lights? I can't get this light off!" I walked over to help him, saw that it was one of those lights that you just have to push, I pushed it, he closed the door, and his eyes lit up like I'd just saved his cocker spaniel from drowning. "Oh, marvelous! Thank you!" I considered asking for a tip, but I wished him a merry Christmas and went back to attempting to change the battery in my car. First time I've been a good Samaritan in a while, and all I had to do was click a button!

Classes are winding down, Writing for Mass Media is over, and my American Civilization and Art History 2710 finals are this Saturday, of which I shall study for tonight, as we have a Christmas get together on Friday night with some friends. I'm sure you wanted to know that. Last night we also had a fun get together with friends, playing Nintendo 64 games I haven't played in YEARS.

Though I have finals and a new car battery, what consumes my mind at the moment is in 2 days WE'RE GOING TO TEXAS!!! I'm so excited to see all my family and my brother's family especially, as they'll be joining us from Singapore this holiday season. I find studying, working, thinking, writing, blogging, eating, breathing, etc. all left in the dust as my thoughts of Texas and Christmas preoccupy my mind.

What fun things are YOU doing this Christmas??


Cassia and Hux said...


I mean uhm...Congrats you two!

This is Aimee by the way :)

Cassia and Hux said...

Also my christmas plans are

1) Get a house to have Christmas in

2) Live in said house with my three cats

3) Aquire more cats

Happy Holidays! :P

Heidi Ferguson said...

Yep, each time you hear the heartbeat it is a huge sigh of relief and you can breathe safely for a little while before your next doc's appt.

Crap I forgot what else I was going to say. Oh well. I can't wait to hang out with you guys in like a week.

Austin said...

hi aimes!!! merry christmas to you too! so glad you found me!

and we're excited to see you guys too, heidi!

Jasmine said...

This is what I get for not reading your blog in a while. Congrats on the up and coming little one!!! Tell Tracy that all the morning sickness, aches and pains, swelling, and all else that comes with pregnancy is way worth it to get the final product. Good luck, and congratulations again.

Charlo said...

For Christmas I read your old man excerpt out loud to Brett, Carrisa, and Lisa. Merry Christmas.

Heather said...

Staying home

Going through with Christmas traditions

Spoiled Kids

and another baby to take care of (that would be my new puppy from Ryan)

Brittnee Ann said...

I'm so happy for you about your baby. What sweet words you said about Tracie! I hope my husband is good about my baby too, which he prob will.

I hope you had fun in Texas we will have to get together soon to catch up with all the Christmas stories!

I'm glad you at least write in your blog, I can keep up with your lives..Tracie is slacking (I don't blame her)

Well hope your Christmas was great!