Apr 15, 2009


I'll be in Nebraska for the weekend. My best friend Justin is getting married and I'm going to help him celebrate, wish him well, etc.

It will be the second time in our marriage that I'll be away from Tracie. :'(

I shall return triumphantly/abundantly on Sunday, hopefully with a post that will knock your socks off. Or at least roll them down the ankles a bit.


Heather said...

Nebraska? That is so cool!! I do want to see pics of the countryside and environment.

More likely that you will have to put extra tubes of socks on yourself! You will come back with icicles hanging down your nose.

Oh wait! I heard that it snowed again in Utah Valley.

(sound like a good excuse for a visit back to Tucson?)

Tracie said...

I'm missing you like crazy.

Jen said...

Hope you had a great time!!!! Happy Birthday today, we miss and love you.