Apr 9, 2009

Das Boot

At our reading group this month, we, as usual, were the last to leave. We stayed over visiting with our friends until almost midnight.

And we got booted.

They live in one of those wonderful apartment building patrolled by those less fortunate than us college students, and booted our vehicle. I knew I should have parked in handicapped.

I was understandably grouchy at first, but then I thought this poor sucker who has to go around booting and unbooting cars probably has it a bit rougher than me, so I decided to be nice to him. (It was a rare moment for me) We visited a little, he told me there are some people who just don't learn, one person he's booted four times this month already.

I'll be parking in handicapped from now on, even if it's further (farther?) away from where I'm going, at least I can't get in trouble. The sole perk of being handicapped: parking.

Still, I've lived in Provo/Orem closing on 6 years now, and it's the first time I've been booted. I'll take that as an accomplishment. Now to make sure it's the last time...


Heather said...

never been booted.

surprised you weren't booted out by friends after staying until midnight?! when kids come (and more than one baby) no one is able to stay up past 10 pm....

Charlo said...

A girl once told me her secret to removing boots. I'm just sad that my only boot was before she shared her secret with me. I almost wanted to get booted to try it.

Austin said...

I tried some girl's secret for getting a boot removed without paying for it.

But the security guy just laughed and told me to put my shirt back on.

Oh well.

Kris said...

Never been booted...yet. But then I really don't do much visiting to apartment complexes. Sorry about the boot. Did Tracie tell you about hers?