Apr 8, 2009

Photography 101

Here are some of the pictures I took for Photography.

Remember the comment I made about what my peers said about my photos? I don't expect you to sing my praises or patronize my pics, but some kind of comment would be appreciated. Try to keep it between "You're the most amazing photographer ever!" and "Wow, you sure held that camera still, kinda! Good for you little buddy!"

Still life photo I took. Inspired by Sermon on the mount. Yes, I'm weird.

Portrait of Tracie. I wanted to convey that she is the light of my life, I think I more conveyed that I'm not the best at developing photos. Beautiful subject though, yes?

We had to take a picture of the way we feel about our lives right now. I was having a bad week at the time, so I walked through some snow for awhile and took a picture of it, trying to show confusion and a feeling of being lost.

Conceptual self portrait. Tracie took the pictures, I developed them. We're studying developing techniques now, as you can see. I'm looking forward to tonight, more than I'm looking forward to finishing my human sexuality powerpoint presentation or my 10 page English paper. Go fig.


Charity said...

I love that picture of Tracie.

Heather said...

ADVICE: Photoshop Elements. A simple thing called Levels would fix the lighting for Tracie's portrait.

ALL photos we ever see now in mags etc is photoshopped. Not necessarily to make "perfect" airbrushing, but to improve the color curve, lighting, and levels, which make a HUGE difference.

I really like the snow picture. Very igenious. Like it feels like you are going somewhere and no where at once, or that is how I interpret it.

Very cool overall. I think taking any sort of photography class all together will improve photo taking for your future. I wish I took one in college or high school.

Also plan to invest in a higher quality camera someday. That is what I am hoping to save for (after I save for a new DYson vacaumm, a new hard drive backup for my MAC which is 300 dollars etc etc etc)

JanB said...

Cool pics, Austin.
Amazing how you got all those little fruits to sit so still like that. Not a blurry one in the bunch...Good Job!

Charlo said...

Love the darkroom. Many people under appreciate it.
Have you splattered the developer instead of brushing it yet? or layer a overhead projector on top of your paper while you are exposing it.... I had a classmate who loved to put lace on top of it. Strange, but fun.

Austin said...


Tried all that fun stuff. The last picture I used a piece of glass with a really cool pattern, and then painted developer on.

It is pretty dang fun.