Apr 13, 2009

The Worst is over, the most work is yet to come

I finally had my human sexuality presentation. The thing I've been procrastinating all semester. The best thing I can say about it is it's over.

So my group decided to do Sexual Humor as our topic, which you'd think would be really funny, right? Sorry, no. I'm so sick of it I don't think I'm going to write much on it, suffice to say I did 80-90% of the work, so I guess I have myself to blame.

I've never done powerpoint before, but the guy who said he would do it bailed out so I figured no better time to learn than the present. I got 50/50 on that, and was rather pleased with myself.

What bugged me was my group either a) copied some jokes and facts off the internet for their part of the presentation, b) bailed on us, c) didn't listen to anything I said and so waited until TEN MINUTES BEFORE CLASS to give me their slides they wanted to talk about, and then proceed to talk for 15 minutes on their topic, that had next to NOTHING to do with sex or humor, and the whole presentation was supposed to be around 15 minutes long. '


Like I said, it's over, and good riddance. Now I just have to focus on writing my English research paper, 10 page rough draft due on Wednesday. Wish me luck, and at least I'll get practice at not sleeping before the baby arrives.


Ross & Amanda Goodman said...

This is precisely why I HATED group assignments when I was in school, and precisely why everyone LOVED having me in their groups. It is tough being the responsible one who cares about their grades- good job!

Heather said...

A lot of times I never liked being in groups at school. You just cannot control the quality of work being done.

On the other hand, having church callings and some sorts of jobs at work require working in groups. What's up with that? Some are forced to do all the work, and some just ride the coat tails.

This is how Ryan feels about his calling. His assistant even admitted to Ryan that he just rides Ryan's coat tails.

Some people, just don't know how to use their own brain!

yeah, "practice missing sleep" My recommend? Get all the sleep you can!! Good luck with reseach paper.

Charlo said...

I'm sick of sexual hummor, and I didn't even have to give a report on it. I rarely hear a joke or pun that I haven't heard 16 times already. and sometimes they were dumb to begin with. THat's why I hate movies that try to be sexy and funny. I'm past the age where the P and V words make me giggle... actually, I think I skipped that age. You just have to be more clever than that.

Heidi Ferguson said...

Not that you need this advice, but as an ad major where virtually all my assignments were group projects, here are some good rules of thumb for group projects:

1. Assume the group is going to disappoint you in SOME way
2. Take the lead so you can ensure you get a good grade
3. Try to forget the project as soon as it's over
4. Don't stress over the bad group ratings you might get, despite the fact that you worked harder than anyone else in the group

Lessons learned by me. And yes, I'm still working on #3.