Jul 8, 2010


I've finally seen season one! We recently borrowed "Chuck" from "Charity and James" and "watched it."

I started watching it way back when it started, then watched a few episodes with "Aaron and Heidi" while "visiting" them in "Arizona." Ok, this joke is "over."

I really like it, it's a great mix of action and comedy, leaning more towards the comedy, but very effective at blending the two, instead of "this is an action scene, now later this is a comedy scene."

I'm sure that most of you have seen it at least those who want to, so here are just my observations, no synopsis needed.

I like that there's a (male) character named Morgan, even if he is a furry man-boy whose purpose seems to be to make Chuck cooler, smarter, handsomer and less geeky by comparison. I really like the character, but let's just say I don't hope my son takes him as a role model.

While flawed, it's a good season with a lot of promise, and I've added the next season to my Netflix.

Adam Baldwin as Casey is definitely my favorite, but I'll watch and say that about almost any "Firefly" alumni. (Except Summer Glau. Girl looks like the lovechild of Kelsey Grammer and a troll doll's forehead.) It's the reason I tune in to "Castle" every week.

My biggest/possible only gripe of the show is how much the writers try telling us things we are already picking up on. Every time someone (Chuck) tells Sarah "you're so pretty." it makes her less pretty. Same goes for Chuck. Every regular cast member informs every guest to the show what a "nice guy" Chuck is. I don't know about you, but that lessens the impact for me. You don't need to tell us. Anytime a character's qualities are repeatedly repeated over and over and over again, in repetition, my agreeing-with-the-matter meter goes down. Example, Lana from Smallville. "Face it, Lana. You're awesome!" No, she is not.

But, hopefully the show will get better and I'll have to find something new to complain about.

NO spoilers, but for those of you who have seen it, does it get better? Or will Sarah eventually morph into a mutant beast woman and Chuck become Hitler after hearing "you're so pretty" "you're so nice" deafen my concerned ears?


Jacob I. McMillan said...

I watched season one. It was lame. Jayne is wasted. The lead guy lacks charisma. His sister is the worst actress ever. The blond with the buck teeth doesn't get naked enough. Morgan is a dull sidekick and his presence onscreen elicits only minimal amusement. The whole Harry Tang storyline struck me as a waste of time. Captain Awesome is pretty OK though.

Also, I thought they abused the "dramatic scenes of characters sitting on the beach at sunset/sunrise with indie-rock music playing on the soundtrack" gimmick even more than Lost did. Anyway the second season is supposedly better but I'm never watching that.

Mark said...

I like the show, and it has gotten better each season. I don't usually like shows that feature anyone who is incompetent, but Chuck (or "Chuck" if you prefer) seems to pull it off.
Plus, Matt Bomer (from White Collar) plays Bryce.

Charity said...

Season 2 is amazing, season 3 not as
good, but still had its highlights. What you mostly have to know about the show is that it's ridiculous, it knows it's ridiculous, and it's still fun. But the end of season 2 is all worth it. The last 6 episodes rocked the house. :)

Charity said...

oh, and btw, I like seeing my name in "quotes." It's "nice."

Wendy McMillan said...

Couldn't seem to care about any of the characters except for the occasional good scene with Jayne but it's not enough to make up for all the rest. I'm really tired of all these shows with a hideous leading man getting with a girl way out of his league. Female characters never have to win you over with a quirky personality - they're either pretty or they're minor characters. He's possibly uglier than Jim on The Office.

Wendy McMillan said...

Not saying that Pam is pretty, because she's not.

Jacob I. McMillan said...

Jim totally should've ended up with Karen.

Castle sucks too but I can't begrudge Nathan Fillion being on a hit show. He deserves it.

Heather Mae the DIY Gal said...


I don't watch much TV except documentaries and things of the earth such as the National Geographic Channel. Hey! Did you know that snails are autosexual?? They have both parts!

Aoemba is a killer parasite. If it ends up in your brain, you are pretty much dead in 3 months.

That's all I can tell you about what I learned from TV today!

Austin said...

What I like about Jim and Pam from the Office is they both look more like "real" people, not necessarily movie stars or actors trying to look like real people. Rashida Jones (who played Karen) was gorgeous, too gorgeous for Jim.

And, while some movies like anything by Judd Apatow are WAY too one sided as far as gorgeous girl opposite lazy slob, this trope is still pretty true to real life, look at me and Tracie, for example. ;)

Jacob I. McMillan said...

In real life, 9 times out of 10, the guy will go for the hot girl over the homely one. No matter how big a pain in the butt the hot one is or how "right" for each other they are. That's the lesson the Office failed to teach.

Austin said...

True, but other than "your boss is most likely a whole lot dumber but way funnier than you," what lessons does the office teach?

And is that the qualification for making a good show? All the Office teaches us is the main "ship" on an NBC show always ends up together. (Ross and Rachel, JD and Elliot, Sam and Diane, Niles and Daphne, etc etc)

Jacob I. McMillan said...

OK, the Office is not supposed to teach anything. I think I meant to say "That's the lesson they failed to impart."

It's just that for once I want to see a show where the guy totally blows off the dumpy chick who's really his soulmate and goes with the stupid shallow hottie who he will be miserable with for the rest of his life because that's the real, son.

Charlo said...

Hey... I think Chuck is hot. Sarah doesn't deserve him.
It never bugged me (the whole telling you things you already know thing) because I know people who talk like e that in real life. Like my one friend, once upon a time, who would get told 3 or more times a day that her hair was sooooooo pretty.

I liked that the action scenes didn't draw on to long, and that I found it amusing. PUre action bores me.

Morgan is probably my least favorite character... well most of the buy more employes.

Captain awesome I liked, his sister I liked, Casey brought joy to my life. Only saw one episode of firefly though because it bored me.