Jul 29, 2010

Rootinest Tootinest

Sweet Fancy Moses, it's Thursday! Where did this week go? I was going to write about our weekend, and I still will, but holy moly, it's almost the weekend again.

So, Saturday was nice. We went to Spanish Fork all day. At my Uncle Paul's house we saw my Aunt Kerri and Uncle Robert and cousins Emily and Nicholas as well as brother Ammon and his wife Lynette and their kids Carly and Wesley and also got to meet our newest niece Lexie! It was great to see and visit with everyone (Uncle Jim's family was there too) as well as show off Morgan and visit and laugh with family.

Then we went to our sister-in-law Cheryl's mom's house, as Cheryl and Tyler are sodding their backyard (is that the correct term? It sounds vulgar) where we enjoyed barbecue and family and fireworks. Some enjoyed the Slip N Slide, I, still not 100% better from getting a new hip, was somewhat of a party pooper and spent half the time in the swinging bench and the other half chasing after Morgan. He seemed to enjoy the Slip N Slide (eventually) and according to Tracie was enraptured by the fireworks. I missed them, as I was quite sleepy and took a nap on the couch. As I get older, I get more boring. I haven't been interested in fireworks in years though. After awhile they all look the same. Maybe I just need to recapture that childlike sense of wonder I had once. Or maybe I just need to go to bed earlier. Tracie's brother Troy came also to surprise his family, who've been visiting all month. It was great to see him, it's been too long since we last did.

Sunday we went to our cousins Brett and Charlotte's clubhouse for a Valantine family get together. Sadly not much of the Utah Valantines were represented, just my Uncle Mark and Brett and Charlotte, Nana and Grandpa and Ammon's family (who were the reason for the get together) but it was nice to spend more time with Ammon's family as well as eat some of the best brownies I have ever had. The rest of the food was good too but Sweet Fancy Moses those brownies rocked. I am not one to talk about food, but think of the best brownie you've ever eaten. Now add marshmallow creme. Now add peanut butter. And now I'm drooling again.

Then Tuesday we were treated to dinner by Aunt Kerri and Uncle Robert to Mimi's. I forget how much fun they are and even as I've gotten older, just how cool Aunt Kerri is. I will never have an older sister, but Kerri would have been better anyway. :) (yes I have sisters-in-law, and I am grateful for and love them, but that's really not the same).

Yesterday I went to visit Ammon who's watching Wesley who was feeling sick. It was good to visit one on one (mostly) with my brother, and I realize now that my roughhousing with Wes probably wasn't the most conscientious I've been, remembering only now that he was sick. Oh well. What didn't kill him made him stronger, right?

Now that it's almost the weekend again, it's almost time for my Mother to get here! We've got so much to do! We've got to go shopping and clean the house and make Morgan all cute and figure out where she's going to sleep and learn the recipe for those brownies!

Hope your 24th weekend was fun and family filled as ours. (and the week after)


Charlo said...

it was fun!

Heather Mae the DIY Gal said...

That sounds like great summer Pioneer Day fun! I am still enraptured by fireworks!