Jul 29, 2010

Three For One

You lucky readers, you. I'm writing three blog entries in one post today. Maybe more. I'm not sure. Shut up.

I'm sorry. Please come back. Ok. That was close.

So post #1: Cable vs. Netflix.
Cable=0, Netflix=1,962,477,935,080

HOA= -100. Some of you may know that our HOA recently stopped providing us with cable while still charging us the same HOA fees. Nice. You may also know that Netflix is now offering streaming movies via the Wii. Long post short, we've been watching all kinds o' stuff with our Wii Netflix and loving it. Thank you Charity and James for informing us on that, thank you Brad for getting it to work for us, and thank you Netflix for putting Blockbuster out of business.

Post #2: Idaho Jones and
the Kingdom of the Golden Plates

It's that time again! Troy and Jen, our relatives in Northern California are doing another activity and commissioning another play/skit from Tracie and Austin Writing Productions. Last year there was a Western/Pioneer theme, the year before was a Pirate theme. This year, in case you can't tell, is an Indiana Jones theme! We're looking forward to writing it and are hard at work procrastinating it to the last minute like always!

Post #3: The Suspense is Killing Me

Not really killing me. It's just poking at me with a pointy stick. I had an interview for a Team Lead position at work on Monday. I wasn't going to interview for it originally, mostly because I'm still not 100% healed after getting a new metal rod for a femur and because I'm in school and so work weird hours.
But my team lead took me aside and told me I really should apply for the position, so I did. It was the first time I think I've interviewed for a job with people I was already working for, and I think I conducted myself well and have a very good chance. The Department Manager (who was my team lead when I started) told me that they're aware I have a weird schedule and it was not an issue, and he also told me flat out that I had some of the best answers to his questions that he's ever heard. So, go me. I'll let you know the outcome, and if I ever interview for the coveted Pen Testing Position.


Austin said...

Update to post 3: I didn't get it.

Jacob I. McMillan said...

Is that Cameron's dad's car from Ferris Bueller's Day Off? What's it doing there?

Shelly said...

Can I get some more details? Maybe I'll just get Brad to ask you tomorrow whats going on. I like this company, but sometimes they're a big poop in the pants. Especially since they ASKED you to apply. This makes me upset. I'm sorry if this doesn't help. I just had to say it.

Heather Mae the DIY Gal said...

First of all: the picture. Pertains to the post, and its not a bloodbath picture, lol!

Second: WOOT for Netflix. We get ours in the mail, PLUS streaming video from the computer WHENEVER and OFTEN as we want. All for about 8 bucks a month.

Third: WOOT for Indiana Jones. I can't wait to see what you and Tracie and Troy and Jen come up with.

Fourth: Boo to the Pen(entration) testing tryouts. Oops, I meant trying out for the job, not the actual Pen(entration) part! Sorry, the name of the job is too funny not to make fun of!

Austin said...

Jacob- Yes it is. It's supposed to be the license plate "NRVOUS" but I couldn't find a picture of that so I used the car.

Shelly- I'd be happy to talk more about it with you and/or Brad, but probably in person would be best.

Heather- Feel free to mock Penetration Testing. I think it's funny too. That's why we call it that. I guess it's just shorter than "Professional Hackers legally trying to break into your network and steal sensitive information such as credit card data".