Jul 22, 2010

They're coming

I'm so excited, my brother's family who I haven't seen in years (it feels like years. I think it's been 2, but still) is coming to Utah this weekend, as well as my Aunt's family, who I'm so close to in age and relationship that I feel she's more like my big sister (I'm closer in age to her than she is to my dad).

Then, the next week, my MOM is coming to stay with us!!! I'm so excited! I just can't hide it. They're coming.


Heather Mae the DIY Gal said...

Yeah, the bloodbath picture just explains it all! lol!!

Mark said...

You owe me (for letting Mom come) and make sure she takes lots of pictures of Moby xoxoxox

Austin said...

Yes I do. Thank you thank you thank you.

We of course would love if you came as well, but we're grateful you're letting mom loose and releasing her to come be with us.

We'll make sure to take good care of her and make sure Morgan is nice and cute for Nana and pictures with Nana. :)

xoxoxox right back atcha.

lynette said...

It was so good to see you today! We wish it was WAY more often!

Ammon said...

You do know that this whole visiting family thing works both ways I hope.

Charlo said...

That was silly, your mom should have come while Ammon was here... oh, I see, she was trying to maximize her time away from them by not leaving texas until they get back. How rude

Austin said...

I think that was more of my Dad's doing.

If he can't have his beloved wife nearby, he'll wait until she leaves for his favorite son to come home with his family to console him.

I couldn't make it, so he's having to do with Ammon. ;)