Sep 10, 2010

Cleaning Out The Ol' Mail Box

My inbox in my email is getting a bit out of hand. It had 608 emails. I've so far narrowed it down to 84. Still too many, but I'm tired of going through old emails.

I found a few things I wrote that I completely forgot, as well as many conversations I forgot about.

I also found a few pictures that, while they have significance to me, they may not so much to you, but I wanted to keep them somewhere, and my mail wasn't doing the job. So, here are some pictures I found in my email that I wanted to keep record of but didn't want to save in my inbox.

The impressive stuff is done by friends and artist Harry Clarke. Two are photographs sent to me in chain emails, one is a video game character I made, and the stuff that's not as cool as I think that's near the bottom is by me.


Jacob I. McMillan said...

Those black-and-white drawings are awesome. The one at the top reminds me of our D&D group.

I don't get who the Darth Maul guy is supposed to be.

Austin said...

you're a smart man. That one IS of a dnd group. :)

the Darth Maul guy is a character I made for Star Wars Galaxies.

Mark said...

Which ones did you do and who did the others?
It's always fun to see your art work (or at least it's always fun to see your work)
Love to TLee and MDB

HailerStar said...

The first two I recognized as Aimee originals!

For the heck of it, drop me a note on Gmail and tell me if you want me to send you the other DnD stuff she did (that I stowed away on my Hard Drive). I have a Mondok and some other things that you may find amusing.

Austin said...

the last 2 I did, as well as the fourth to last (the frame).

I dropped you a note on gmail, and am waiting (mostly) patiently for them. :)

Charlo said...

a century from now, your great great great great granddaughter will have her heart turned to her fathers, and she will spend countless hours hacking into the emails of her ancestors, where she will find those images, and feel her heart turned even more so.