Sep 30, 2010

Riddle Me This

I have some questions for you. That's right, you!

It's the last day of the month, and I'm feeling introspective again. I think I'm going to post a goodbye September post (aren't you lucky?) like I did last month. Would you like it if I did a goodbye month post every month? Your opinion does matter to me, though in all honesty I won't likely listen to it and do what I want anyways. Still, let me know, whether you like the idea, dislike the idea, don't really care what I post as long as I post, or do really care what I post and are disappointed with the declining quality of my blog since late 2007.

Next month is October (no, really it is, I looked it up) which means at the end of the month, we'll get together with family and friends and dress up and eat and all will all around have a good time. But we're not sure what we should dress as for Halloween this year. Last year Tracie and I were Princess Leia and Han Solo while Morgan was an Ewok, the year before we were the Dread Pirate Westley and Princess Buttercup, we've also been an angel and a devil, a pair of vampires, a Greek God and Goddess, a butterfly and a butterfly catcher, and basically all our Halloween's have been as a couple, or since we had Morgan, have had a theme. My idea is Morgan be Superman, Tracie be Lois Lane, and I be Lex Luthor. I think it's a cute idea, but flawed in that Lois Lane doesn't really have a costume, and I have such precious little hair I'm not sure I want to shave it all off. I did that in High School and it didn't grow back for almost two years. In fact, it still hasn't grown all the way back. So what suggestions do you have for our Halloween this year that doesn't necessarily involve me saying goodbye forever to my diminishing locks?

I finally finished reading "Snow Crash" and really really very very quite a lot loved it. It took me several months. Not that it was terribly long, but I have been terribly busy. I plan to post about that as well, but in the meantime, I'm torn as to what to read next. I spoke with my brother yesterday who gave some very good suggestions, but this is a question post and I needed another question. Any recommendations for me? Besides Twilight or Hunger Games? Ammon, you already gave me your suggestions and I have "Anthem" on hold, have looked up Malcolm Gladwell and just might give him a try, as well as short stories by G.K. Chesterton and J.L. Borges, J.I. McMillan, thank you as well. I'm open to other suggestions, however.

Finally unless I can think of another question before finishing this one, Who suggested the tv show "Better Off Ted" to me? I thought it was my brother, but it turns out he's never heard of it, then I thought it was a work friend but he's only seen an episode, so who was it? Netflix has been suggesting it for awhile, but, while I love Netflix, it's kind of like a former-hippie parent. It usually provides me with what I need, but most of its advice and suggestions turn out to be stupid and based on someone who does a lot more drugs than me. But "Better Off Ted" is one of the funniest shows I've seen since "Arrested Development," and like "Arrested Development," got canceled way too soon, this one with only 26 episodes. But, if you haven't already, check it out and love it and then you'll know who recommended it to you. Austin. Austin recommended it to you. But if you were the one who recommended it to me, I'm sorry for forgetting, and thank you for suggesting it.

Any other questions you want to ask me or have been dying for me to ask that I haven't? Let me know, I might just do it, then you can tell everyone I listened to you! You'll be the envy of them all!


Tracie said...

I'm pretty sure it was Jake who suggested it to you via blog comment.

Mark said...

I really enjoyed reading (listening to the Mockingjay series AKA The Hunger Games - very well done - I'm looking forward to discussing it with Lynette
And I also like all of the Malcolm Gladwell I've read - not as fun, but interesting in a different way

HailerStar said...

In the vein of very awesome TV shows that didn't get the shelf life they deserved ... I suggest you watch REAPER (after your done with your Ted-a-thon).

That is all.

(still looking for those files...) *tiptoes away*

Charlo said...

bic it, bic it, bic it bic it.

Better of Ted is one of my favorite shows. It is one of the few Tv shows I have ever gifted (and to more than one person, at that), I quote it periodically on Facebook.... I don't know if I suggested it, but it is quite possible.

They apparently decided to discontinue the series when the second premier didn't get high viewership. to be fair, I almost didn't watch the first season, because the commercials where not nearly indicative of the show, and the second season premiered over Christmas break. I was going to premier in January, and then they pushed it up, and I almost missed the push up date... so that was the networks own dang fault.

Just my option. Well cast show, I think.

Austin said...

Tracie- Possibly, but whoever it was, thank you.

Dad- It's hard to want to read something when everyone tells me it gets worse. Like Heroes, I hear season 1 is amazing but then they get worse and worse, why would I want that?

Hailer- I'll look into Reaper, thanks. And take your time, as long as you get them to me eventually. ;)

Charlo- I'd be happy biccing it, Tracie is the one we need to convince. Isn't it great? I'm so sad it's not being renewed, I love the cast almost as much as the writing. All around terrific, and of course, gone.