Sep 1, 2010

Photoshop Sinner

Today in Digital Imaging our teacher wanted us to use as many photoshop filters and effects as we could, with the hopes that we'll get it out of our system. I'm not sure that worked for me, as I really liked it. Whether or not you like it, here's some of what I did:

This is the original picture I took minutes before class.

Here it is cropped. I sharpened the foreground, blurred the background and adjusted the levels slightly.

Same, only I played with "liquefy."

I don't remember all I did here.

I'm trying to blind you.

The leaves have a life of their own, I want to go home now.


Charlo said...

Ha. That is a good idea... have you get it out of your system. Believe me, once you realize the control and potential of photoshop, those filters will taste like cheep baby candy to you.

Mark said...

it's not as cool as you must be thinking
Hope you enjoy and do well in the class

Austin said...

Charlo- I'm sure it is. It was just fun to experiment and see all the messy/wacky stuff I could do.

Dad- It's not so much that I thought it was cool, as I thought it was fun. The teacher gave the instructions "try your best to do your worst" or something like that. In my opinion, I did the worst in the class. Go me. And thanks for the well wishes.

Heather Mae the DIY Gal said...

The basic filters do okay, until you learn to tweak them. Try some with black and white photos.