Aug 11, 2008

Austin! I remember you!

Yes, it's been awhile. Thanks for still loving me. SO, let's get right to it. What was the last thing I talked about. Let's see. The little teaser for my website, uh-huh. The random picture of George Lucas frozen in Carbonite (I don't see Carrie Fisher unfreezing him anytime soon) and the Batman review before that. So, really I haven't had an actual news post since July 28th. How do I live with myself?

Work: Last week I started working at Stores Online. They're a growing company that sells small and medium sized businesses packages, programs and training for their own website. I'll be in Customer Service, talking to the people who need help in something technical or service related. The company is DEVOTED to Customer Service, winning several big awards for their customer service, so that should be cool.

In order for me to provide excellent customer service, they've provided me with my own website so I can learn how to make one, how to market one, and (hopefully) how to profit from one. After some searching, I've decided to make a website for educational video games for the whole family, or This is my second of three weeks of training, and my website, though less than pretty and functional, is live, as they say. I've already updated and edited it officially 16 times since its launch on August 7, and I expect to do it about 1600 times or so more before I'm happy with it. Right now it's just barely functional enough to take your money and tell me to tell my drop shipper to send you your video games. Eventually I'd like to have reviews, forums, a blog, categories of all the games, about 5 times as many games as I have on there right now (currently around 70).
I've already had 35 unique visitors to the website, which either means I'm getting people from search engines, or everyone who reads my blog checked the link. Either way, that's more than anyone else in training. Hooray for me!

I have other ideas for websites in the future, but I'd like to work on this one and get it more the way I'd like it before moving on.

Car: Tracie talked about it in her blog, so I'll just mention it again. Yes, my car Ella died. About 4 days after I got fired. But, I've complained about that car and that job for so long now that I'm looking at it as a blessing that I don't have to stress or hate about either now. It's also been a blessing that Tracie works from home most days so I can take the car to work.

Writing: We're FINALLY ALMOST done with the Pirate Sketch we're writing for Troy & Jen's activity party thing. We'll put it on Glass of Random soon. Also, I've finally bitten the bullet and jumped the gun and mixed my metaphors and submitted a bunch (about 50) of my old poems to poetry magazines and websites (about 30) around the country. So hopefully I'll get at least ONE printed somewhere besides a High School or College poetry magazine that I also happen to be one of the editors of. I'll keep y'all posted on that too.

Special thanks to my Tracie for staying with me after ANOTHER job change and the death of a car. And to my writing partner and hilarious writer-in-her-own-right and everything she does.

That's about it, come back next time and I'll post some more!


Andrew said...

Oh, hi! It's been a while!

So that's what that was...

Love you,

JanB said...

So, do you get any commission from any of those educational family games?

Austin said...

I will, if people buy them :)

Heather said...

amen! (to the Tracie part)

Looking forward to the pirate sketch. Maybe I can get Cade interested in reading sOmeThIng, Anything!