Aug 15, 2008

So true.

I'm still going to it this weekend or next week, but I don't expect much. But I owe it to my childhood and the good star wars movies to go see it.


Charity said...

It was really, actually, quite fun. (How's that for adjective stacking?) James took me last night to the midnight show. So we were surrounded by 13 - 15 year old boys, many of whom brought light sabers. I quite enjoyed the story... the voice acting was a little cheesy, but about what I expected. Definitely fun, though.

Austin said...

I'm glad, and as I've said in the past, they could market poop and just call it "Star Wars" I'm watching it, buying it and loving it.

As much flack as I gave Mr. Lucas about the 3 new movies, (now 4) I still like them a lot. The biggest problem is they don't compare with the original 3. So I stopped comparing them and I do fine.

It's just still fun to make fun of George Lucas.

Charlo said...

When I was 22 I finally watched (the origional star wars) after being sick of getting called "unamerican."

I'm not just saying this to be different, but I don't like star wars. I didn't hate it, but I don't get the hype,