Aug 28, 2008

Writing for Mass Media

School Days are here again!

Last night I had my first class of the new semester, Writing for Mass Media, a class I've taken before, but had the worst teacher in the world and so I failed the class. I guess he wasn't the worst teacher in the world, in China where he came from he may have been a brilliant teacher, but in America, where he didn't speak understandable English, he was not the best.

But my NEW teacher, does speak English, and she seems nice, competent, and lingual. I'm sure I'm not using lingual right, either the word itself, or it being unnecessary and redundant and used already and superfluous when I said she does speak English.

The reason I'm most excited about this class is that she seems to focus more on WRITING for Mass Media, the name of the class, than my previous teacher, who focused on Associated Press (AP) Rules, such as which Holidays to capitalize and when to use a, comma, As you, can,, ,see, I never learned.

But this NEW teacher I keep referring to wants us to write in our blog at least once a week, (!) and to read the New York Times front page every day, and to bring in a newspaper or newsmagazine every Monday. In other words, she wants us to read & write. Novel concept. I get school credit to blog! What will they think of next? (Please say paying me to blog... or sleep.)

I still have my American Civ Class and my Art History class on Saturday, but if they're half as good as this one promises to be, it may not be an awful semester after all.

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