Aug 14, 2008

I was on the RADIO!!

On 101.9 The End, probably the only really good morning show in Utah County, 'Chunga in the Morning,' Jimmy Chunga has a morning segment called "What's Happenin', Hot Stuff?" where people call in and just give their two cents. Well, I usually just listen, but someone said something so stupid I simply had to call and correct them. Because it's my duty to correct people I find stupid or just plain silly or wrong.

So they had a lot of people give their opinions on what to do about the gas problem, some people said "use a bike" some said "use corn" etc. But one person said "I heard that gas goes bad so we should just go to the gas station every day and fill up what we need then the gas station's gas will go bad and their prices will go down."

I'll give you a minute to pick up your brains from off the floor. Gasoline is made of a fossil fuel, folks. It's been in the ground millions of years. I don't think it's going bad anytime soon. So I just called, and it rang, so I waited and I heard
Chunga: "101.9 The End, who's this?"
Me: "This is Austin! Whoooo! This is the greatest moment of my life! This is better than when my daughter Amy Sue was born!!!"
No, not really. I said "This is Austin!"
Chunga: Austin, what's happenin', hot stuff?
Austin: I just wanted to comment on the person saying gas will go bad? Gas is a fossil fuel, it's been around for awhile. I don't think it's gonna go bad.
Chunga: Yeah, Austin. I thought so too. I didn't know what to say to that person.
Austin: Yeah. That's all I wanted to say. Love you guys!
Chunga: We love you, Austin.

Ok, so Chunga doesn't love me. And my comment wasn't too deep or coherent. But right after I got off the radio I felt a rush that Chunga must feel every day of being on the air, and I thought "I'm gonna blog about this!"


Jasmine said...

Congrats on your radio debut!

I've heard people say some ridiculous things, but that one pretty much takes the cake for "Stupidest Person Ever"! (And yes, I realize that stupidest isn't really a word, but it's the title of the award, so deal with it.) :P

Austin said...

i know. it reminds me of the mom on "Arrested Development" telling her kids that she has to drink the whole bottle of vodka once it's opened or it'll go bad.

Charity said...

ha ha, much congratulations on being on the radio. it is a heady feeling. i was on the radio once when i was 10. i won a radio contest by saying "zfm 106 plays the best mix" and you can tell how important that day has been in my life because i still remember the winning phrase. i won a backpack full of weird stuff, the highlights of which were a calculator and a garth brooks cd, but hey- i was on the radio. whoooo!

Charity said...

p.s. if the gas did go bad and then they sold it to you at a lower price, why would you want to buy it? what a weird person.

lynette said...

fossil fuel, emphasis on FOSSIL,idiot.

and how on earth did you get through on your first try? i've called like 100 times and never gotten through, ever.

Heidi Ferguson said...

Congrats on your big moment. However, I have to share a short story (no, not The Lottery.) I was once in love with Chunga and faithfully listened to the morning show every day. I loved it so much that I wanted to work there...well I did and I learned that Chunga is completely in love with himself and no one will ever be able to compare. Plus there were some other issues that made me mad. But I still listened to it...I'm a junkie. Moral of the story: Don't worship radio DJs.

Heather said...

that was a pretty dumb response (no, not talking about you)

some people are so idiotic and stupid (no, not you)

and that was cool to be on the radio! you are the most famous McNeil family member so far!

Kris said...

Oh Holy One of the radio commenter. I think that if I ever call (which not in a milion years would I) I would probably lose all thought in my brain and say something just about as stupider (hehe) as the one who made that comment. Congrats on keeping it together on the air!

Charlo said...

Not to crush your spirits, happy boy, but I was telling brett (the crusher of all dreams) about the gas going bad, and he had this unfortunate fact to reviel ...

gasoline is not the same as fossil fuel. fossil fuel is crude oil, gasaline is highly refined, and does gel up after a few months and will clog your engine. This, he explains, is why winterizing your lawn mower includes draining all the fuel.

sory about that, I was rooting for you, but you know Brett, he is just malice in a cute little package.

However, since most people fill up once a week or at least once a month, it wouldn't make much of a difference buying every day, in the end.

Austin said...

charlotte (aka dream-smasher)-

i thought that might be the case, but i still thought the idea sounded ridiculous, as if they're buying (for example) 1 gallon a day instead of 7 gallons a week, unless the gasoline has the shelf life of a Britney Spears CD, it won't make any difference. And I would have made that point as well, if hearing myself on the radio didn't fluster me and make me so giddy that i forgot my middle name.

Monica said...

congrats on making on the radio. I never done that before. How long ago were you on?