Oct 9, 2008

History of My Halloween Costumes

I've been thinking what to do for my Halloween costume this year. Tracie and I (and by Tracie and I, I mean Tracie) like to do matching Halloween costumes every year, so we're going with a famous couple, at least that's the plan for now. But it got me wondering, what have I been in the past? I racked my little brain and only managed to sort through 22 of my 26 Halloween costumes. For my best recollection, here's what I've got. (the ones with a / indicate me either changing my mind to trick or treat in something different from school, or, different costumes to different parties and occasions now that I've gotten older. Not in perfect order, but the best I can remember.

Little Bat
Peter Pan
Karate Kid
teen wolf
Ninja/Wolf man
Dick Tracy
50's guy
wig and mask
Hillary Clinton
Beanie, trenchcoat and fake knife (I was in 8th grade)
Jedi master
missionary (with red socks)
missionary (with companion's name tag)
missionary (eager to go home)
Indiana Jones
just wore my leather pants and a t-shirt one year
caterpillar/a butterfly catcher (Tracie was the butterfly)
a devil/a vampire
a mummy/the Greek god Apollo

this year: you'll see.

How many of your Halloween costumes can YOU remember?


JanB said...

It seemed that forever, my mom made my sister and I be gypsies. With horrid pinching clip-on earrings.
I don't dress up anymore. It's enough work getting the kids done up. But thats a blast!
Oh - but one year, when Nikita & Max were little, we were a pirate family. We were way cool!

HailerStar said...

You own leather pants?
That is so cool.

Heather said...

I will let you know on a future post, which is a great idea!

A couple of things I remember for now: gypsy which I loved and did the costume three years in a row until it got too small

and a hobo (in kindergarten, which I hated because all my friends were a kitty, Wonder Woman, a princess etc)

You can thank my mom so far for the costumes.

Charity said...

wow, I'm impressed that you can remember all that. I'll have to give some thought to mine. You've had some pretty interesting costumes through the years. Hillary Clinton? Really?

Austin said...

Charity- Fraid so. but in my defense, i wore a latex mask (no make up), though i did wear a dress.