Oct 7, 2008

I've got the Tag Fever!

And the only prescription is more cowbell.

The Rules:

Link the Person who Tagged you. CHECK

Mention rules on your blog. THAT'S WHAT I'M DOING NOW.

Tell about 6 quirks of yours. SEE BELOW.

Tag 6 fellow bloggers to do the same. WILL DO.

Leave a comment to let them know. FINE.

Charity tagged me. I agree with her that blog tags are today's chain letters, though, admittedly, more fun, with a better chance to get to know someone, and without all the bad luck/death threats facing those who break the chain.

Six quirky things about yours truly quirky:

1. When I go to the bathroom at home in the middle of the night, (#1) I lean my head on the cabinet in front of the toilet, because I'm lazy, and because it helps me get back to sleep asap. (Once I'm back in bed)

2. I play with my wedding ring. I try to do coin tricks with it, but the only one I know is the French drop. In church I take it off and try to switch which hand it's in and have Tracie guess where the ring is. A portion of me secretly believes that one day I'll be able to magically switch which hand the ring is hiding by thinking hard enough. But I swear to only use my powers for good, or personal gain.

3. I've mentioned the role-playing game thing before, but it's definitely (did I spell it right, Charity?) quirky, if not downright pathetic. I have an obsession with making characters, I tell myself it's for stories I'll write one day, but I spend hours with Dnd or Star Wars RPG or other books drawing up characters I wish I could play, wish I could be, wish I could write about. Their backstories, their history, their appearance, their skills, their possessions, everything. Tracie thinks I'm crazy, for that reason and others. She's probably right, after all, quirky comes from the word "crazy."

4. That's not true, but it's another quirk of mine. I'm something of a compulsive liar. I don't see it that way, but I like to make up definitions or explanations of a word or event or anything and see if someone believes me. I can pull the wool over most people's eyes, except Tracie. She's got wool-proof vision or something.

5. When I was younger, it was my responsibility to make sure my younger brothers bathed. Many times it was hard to convince them that clean and sterileness was better than the comfort that a layer of dirt offers. So, I made showering a game. We'd call it a "Bower" (combination of bath and shower) and have the shower turned on, but the tub drain closed, so it would slowly fill up as a bath. I occasionally still take a bower every now and then, but I don't include any brothers. Or anyone. But me. And sometimes Tracie. Or a rubber duckie.

Something tells me I may regret this post someday. Oh well.

6.I'm trying not to do any repeat quirks, but, truth be told, I've been tagged a lot, (not as much as some people, but still, a lot) so I apologize if you recognize any quirks I've mentioned before. I'm also a little flattered that you remember a post I did months ago, and even a little creeped out. Stalkers. OK, ok, number 6. Tracie and I have a Gamecube I inherited as a hand-me-up when my younger brothers received a Nintendo Wii for Christmas or Birthday or whatever. On that Gamecube, we have Mario Kart, Mario Party 5, Mario Party 7, Mario Madness, Mario Mario, and Mario Mario 2. (I made up the last 3 games. See #4) and I really like those games. The quirkiness rears its quirky blue head whenever I'm losing or when I think the game is being unfair. I've been known to swear at the characters (stupid Luigi! He cheated! That cupcake was supposed to be MINE! That SOB!) throw the controller, shut off the game cube to "punish" the game, pretty much blame everything except my own inferior playing. Though, now that I think of it, it's not really a quirk, but human nature: we all secretly hate Luigi.

So, there's quirky me. Your turn. I suppose I will tag: Laurie, Carissa, Kris, HayLee, Jan, and Emilee, (I need to find more male blogger friends who post semi-regularly) 6 wonderful women who I don't think I've ever tagged. Now I have. And you better do it.


JanB said...

Three things:
1-I did this tag just recently,(Sept. 24) Did you see it? No, there's no comment there from you

2-Didn't need the image in my head from Quirk #1.

3-Ivan & Andre still love their "shower-baths". It really is the best of both worlds.

Austin said...

sorry jan, i forgot. you are exempt. But everyone else needs to do the tag.

Laurie said...

Austin, I thought I touched base before you tagged me. Where is the ref?