Oct 28, 2008

Mary Ellen C B

This weekend my dear Aunt Mary Ellen passed away. Yesterday I went to her funeral.

It was the second funeral I've ever been to, the first for a family member, and it was just beautiful. I've never laughed so much at a funeral, but Aunt Mary Ellen was an amazing and funny woman. I used to call her my third Grandmother, and she made everyone feel that way, I think. Whether you were family or not, if you were within 100 foot proximity of her, you were family, and that meant you were well fed, cared for, and loved.

I regret not visiting them very much this past year, but I am so grateful we were able to go see her less than a week before she passed. My Uncle Jim asked if we'd like to go visit her, and I said of course, so we went, we visited, and I remembered how much I loved both her and my Uncle Paul.

I know she is sorely missed, while at the same time, there are many spirits in heaven overjoyed that she's returned to them. And I know they will take her as she is.


Heather said...

i am sorry to hear about your loss, but I think you are right to say that people are overjoyed in heaven.

Sometimes we forget that death is not the end, but another beginning closer to where we all wanted to be in the first place.

Was your aunt at your wedding? Did I ever meet her?

Brittnee Ann said...

I was there when you called Tracie, I'm sorry to hear

I'm glad it was funny, I have only been to three funerals and they def. weren't funny! One of them was really really sad becuz it was my 16 year old cuz. We were sad to let her go (especially the mother).

JanB said...

Yes, it was a very nice funeral. It was so good to see your Valantine grandparents there.

My kids were glad to be able to get to know Aunt Mary Ellen this past year, but it sure made them sad at the funeral, didn't it?

Kris said...

Sorry to hear of your loss of a loved one Austin. Sounds like she made the most of life. Our blessing is knowing that she is with loved ones and you'll get to see her again. Lov ya Austin..