May 6, 2009

Damn you, American Idol

Damn you.
The only consolation I have is she is this season's Chris Daughtry.


lynette said...

I never really liked her-she was very one dimensional--like Adam. They LOVE the scream. Ugh.

Austin said...

I strongly disagree. She was the most original, most talented of the bunch, and definitely the most improved. She got better every week. Looks like it'll be an Adam/Danny showdown, if Danny can survive that HORRIFYING Aerosmith rendition, he can survive a nuclear blast, and he and his glasses will win.

Jessica said...

Honestly, she wasn't that talented. Actually, Chris is the most talented overall and he has a sense of self. Adam belongs in 1985 with Michael Jackson and over the top rockers. Danny's just happy to be there, and Alison needs to grow up. Overall this year is sub par.

Jessica said...

previous comment from Trent.

Austin said...

I agree with Trent in that Danny doesn't deserve to be there, and I want to make the point that I felt Allison and Kris deserve to be finalists, but thanks to the heavy handed producers and selectively deaf judges, it's almost certain that Adam and Danny will make the top 2.

My biggest disappointment of this year hasn't been sub par performances, it hasn't even been the fact that no one has had a star making "moment," it's that I don't feel as connected to the contestants as I had in the past. And the fact that they haven't fired Ryan Seacrest yet. Seriously, he's like the Vanna White of American Idol.

Thanks for your comments, who else has an opinion of the top 3, or what happened to Allison?

Mort The Annoying said...

For the love of the children!! There are little ears around here! LOL, I dont like AI so idc


JanB said...

Well, no matter what you say, Danny is my favorite and has been from day one. I've always loved the "whiskey tenors". (Like Taylor Hicks)
I like Adam, but he doesn't need this. He's too theatrical and very indulgent in everything he does. But he is entertaining and I do look forward to see what he'll do each week.
I really like Kris. (Shouldn't true fans know how to spell his name?)
I love watching him and his smile, but his voice isn't as unique as Danny's. I like a little texture in the voice.
I hope it comes down to Danny & Kris.