May 28, 2009

The Rumours are true...

We're buying a condo! As Michael Scott said, "There are only two types of people in this world. People who own houses, and people who own condos." Thanks, Michael. We've made our offer, got our loan, and plan on closing on it around June 15, or a week after Morgan's due date. It's about 400 sq. ft. larger than where we live now, it has one more bathroom and one more bedroom, a deck, is on the middle floor in PG Villas (that's Pleasant Grove, not Parental Guidance, and that's Villa, not Nilla Wafer) and we are so excited we're about ready to pop! (Tracie, quite literally. Though, it could be the 9 months pregnancy that's causing the poppage.) The PG Villas are located just off the freeway in Pleasant Grove (fittingly) and it's location means we're about the same amount of travel time from just about anywhere more than a few miles from our old place.

Pros: We're closer to Purple Turtle.
Cons: We're further away from Red Robin.

Yes, I make all my decisions based on the proximity of fast food restaurants named after a brightly colored animal.

It's exciting getting your own place, even if it's a condo. We're thinking about how we'll decorate, all the things we'll get, all the debt it will hold over us, you know, the usual stuff.

The Utah and U.S. governments are giving us a lot of money to get a house right now, so we just had to do it. Plus, after finally getting baby stuff for Mr. Morgan Man, we realize that our current place really isn't big enough for the three of us.

Our contract on our apt right now expires in the end of July, so we'll have a good month and a half to move in, which will help as we'll have a newborn baby boy to deal with.

Everyone is invited over once we move in, though not at the same time. It's bigger, but not THAT much bigger.

Hooray for us! A new baby a new condo, and a new mortgage to go with it! I'm going to Disneyland! Wait, too far, can't afford it, plus with the new baby on the way... I'm going to Lagoon! No, wait, can't afford, plus new baby... I'm going to Trafalga! ... maybe.


Katy said...

Congratulations on both! We are thinking of going to Utah for Dan's spring break. Are we invited as well??

Austin said...

Of course! Just drop me a line, you have my email!

JanB said...

Can't wait to see your place after you're all settled in.
Can't wait to see little Morgan, too!

Laurie said...

Pshhh, you wish, if you want to go anywhere, go now. You ain't going anywhere once that baby is born.

Congrats on the new condo! that is so exciting! It looks beautiful. I think that might have been close to where Andy used to live.

Amanda said...

Yippy! how exciting, first baby and first home! I know exactly where that is, I have an aunt that lives right up the street from there! Congrats.

ps. i love nilla's

Heather said...

That sounds so exciting. I LOVE the Purple Turtle. Been going there my whole life as a little girl when I lived in Orem. Makes me happy to see it still standing and operating on the forked road corner whenever I visit Utah.

Getting a new home to make room is always exciting. Now Morgan will get to have a real nursery room complete with all kinds of baby stuff. Have fun..

And you won't be traveling anytime soon, not even Trafalga for quite a few months. Just settle in your new home and do the popcorn and movie nights at home for a while. BTW- you will not be watching any movies when you and Tracie are too busy cooing and oohing over Morgan. Trust me, Morgan is going to keep you highly entertained and on your toes for quite some time.

Austin said...

I didn't REALLY mean I'd be going to trafalga, it was a joke. it's not the baby keeping me from going. it's the trafalga.

and Morgan I'm sure is excited to see all y'all too!

Brittnee Ann said...

We are so happy for you guys!!!

Charlo said...

we have that one saved on our list, actually. We haven't seen them yet though because condo's are still at the back of the list... I want a garden... and I don't know if the HOA allows dogs.

but who knows, maybe we'll be neighbors... but I'll make sure we don't share a single wall with you if so... we want to still like each other

let me know if you consider subletting your old (or new place) in that month and a half overlap. We are coming up the 18th and don't have an apt, because we spent the whole last trip looking at houses.

WE might live with my brother, but that is not settled at all, so let me know