May 3, 2009

Photography Final

I am a very relaxed and laid back person (in my opinion) when it comes to my life. However, when it comes to art and creativity, it is a complete reversal. I must be in control and in charge of whatever I am doing. My reasoning is, if I leave it up to chance, well, I don't have much right calling it my own work. Therefore, my final project for photography was me going in the complete opposite direction. To do something that terrified me. And there weren't any naked octegenarians willing to pose for me.

Instead of choosing the picture, the focus, the view, Tracie took a picture of me. Rather than worry about developing it to a specific time, I chose a completely random development time (to an extent.) I solarized the image, meaning I exposed it to light before the image was finished developing. Finally, I tinted the image, which means I left it in a dish of blue dye until I felt like removing it. I wanted as little control over my image as possible, letting the image somehow "create itself." What resulted is a blue monster, and an A in both Photography and B.S. :)


Mort The Annoying said...

That is incredibly weird. Congrats on the A.
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JanB said...

I never noticed how much you resemble an alien...

Heather said...

Are you related to the Blue Men?

(you know those wierd blue men making music and such out of recycled items, lots of PCV pipes and making appearances here and there?)

Love your approach to creative discovery.

Brittnee Ann said...

Wow that's awesome Austin!