May 21, 2009

G.I. Joe- Rise of Cobra

It's coming. My childhood dream of my G.I. Joes coming to life is finally happening. The Real American heroes. And knowing is half the battle. Go Joe.

Joseph Gordon Leavitt from 3rd Rock from the Sun is playing Cobra Commander. My prediction? Either the best surprise super-villain casting since Heath Ledger's Joker, or the worst super-villain casting since Jar Jar Binks as Jar Jar Binks. If they can make a halfway decent movie out of my Transformers, they should do the same with Joes, right? Right??? Besides, George Lucas ravaged my childhood so far beyond recognition anyway, even if the G.I. Joe movie stinks, how will my fractured childhood know? Sienna Miller is playing the Baroness, though I think her promo picture looks more like Sheryl Crow. Dennis Quaid is General Hawk, but one of the Wayans brothers is in it, and we all know he did SUCH a service for the Dungeons and Dragons movie. However, all is forgiven, because Ray Park (aka Darth Maul) is playing Snake Eyes. That's all I need to know. August 7. I'll be there.


HailerStar said...

You forgot, Chris Eccleston is in it!
This better be one cool movie. I'm revved to see it. *I wanted to jump up and yell 'Go Joe' in the theater after the preview*
Summer blockbuster season is gonna be a blast!
PS. If you've not already: GO. SEE. STAR TREK.

Charlo said...

haw haw.. sheryl crow. I couldn't figure out who ;it; was. you are right, she looks like sheryl crow with black hair.

Charlo said...

so enough of this junk. B says you bought your place. I demand details.