May 18, 2009

If it's Supposed to be Good for Me, then Why Does it Feel So Bad?

Saturday I had my "Fitness for Life" class. It should be good for me, because if I keep it up my life will last a few more weeks. We did all the different body tests, and I learned several things.

* I am in horrible shape.
* I wish I was home sleeping.
* I pushed myself too hard and now I am going to die.
* My goodness, I'm fat.

From walking (as fast as I could. It may sound easy, but you try doing it with one leg) to seeing how many sit ups and push ups in 1 minute I could do (an embarrassing 22 and 32, respectively) only being able to test my core strength for 1 minute, let's just say I think I have the most room for improvement in the whole class. So yipee for me.

The teacher was nice enough to let me walk 1 mile instead of run a mile and a half, and I still got the slowest time, I'm sure. Though my body is achy, I feel better than I have in a long time, though that could be the painkillers and muscle relaxants I'm taking. Are you supposed to combine them? I'm not sure, let me go read the clabmelx dasgsdffdg a..a.sdael jokakejad nvad jajasdtaroack aroiclaje..........................................


HailerStar said...

Dude, that reminds me of the 'super fit' tests we had to take in gym class growing up. *Or if you were on the East Coast you took them* I never qualified for one of those dang red t-shirts. It always annoyed me and made me feel fat/sluggish. *Course then when I grew up and found out I have a deformed bone in my lower spine, hence had a reason to NEVER BE ABLE to pass the 'how far can you reach/stretch over your toes' test ... I wanted to go back in time and smack the people*
Hey, at least you have nowhere to go but up, if you feel you're at the bottom. *Hugs*
I know you have issues with your leg ... this will sound stupid so please forgive me but can you run with your leg being the way it is? *I mean, I'm assuming with your handicap parking sticker that it may be impossible for you to sprint like a rabbit out of a burning building?*

Austin said...

Not really. When they removed the femur, the took about 1/3 of the quadricep with it. (I'm not sure if it's because the tumor had grown into the quad, or if the quad was sassing the surgeon so they just removed it) I can hobble and hustle really fast, but no, won't be able to run until after the resurrection.

Heather said...

Thank goodness we will get perfect bodies at ressurection.

I remember those fitness for life classes. I went through one when I was going to college while early in my pregnancy with Seth, and I was shocked to find out that my BMI shot up from 18 to 23 percent in just a couple months.

My perfectly slim body has since then disappeared over the years.

Its never fun finding out how much out of shape we are...