May 13, 2009

Kris + Adam

Besides the fact that they look like a cute couple, America got this week right. Gokey finally did the hokey pokey off the stagey.

Now all we need is to put a muzzle on Randy and a straight-jacket on Kara.

Who do you think is gonna win? Who do you want to win? Are you upset that Go-go-go Gokey finally left?


Jasmine said...

While I'm a bit surprised that Gokey got the boot, I'm happy with the final two. While Adam is still my favorite to win, I'm liking Kris more and more--especially with his version of the song from "Once". I love that song!

Kris said...

Kris all the way man!!! Adam is talented, but his songs all end with some sort of screaming, same-oh same-oh. He'll do well, but Kris has real talent also, he's an all-around great guy, really likable, a family man, I like that. Adam will do well on the Broadway stage, but I want Kris to take the Idol.

HayLee said...

I thought gokey should of left last week and Allison should of stayed. I want Kris to Win. He is my favorite. Adam is good, but he gets to be annoying. he sounds the same in every song and looks funny when he sticks his tongue out. Although, I think that Adam will win. Boo!!

JanB said...

I wanted it to be between Kris and Danny. Danny was still my favorite, but Kris was a close second.