Jun 17, 2010

I love my job

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My team lead and manager pulled me aside to meet with them in another room. Thoughts of possible trouble I could be in raced through my head, not helped by their somber expressions.

"Am I in trouble? Am I not working hard enough? Did I inadvertently offend a customer again? Am I taking too many days off? Are they upset at having to deal with someone with my special needs?"

No. They wanted to tell me what a great job they think I'm doing, and to reinforce how committed they are to seeing me succeed as well as heal.

I love those guys, I love my job and I love this company.


Charlo said...

oh my goodness. I hate when they do that. Everytime something like that happens, or my supervisor emails me a "call me asap" I think I am in trouble, because I have been late on deadlines or something, then they tell you that you are awesome, and you are like, "um... ok... do you have a pair of clean pants I can borrow?"

Charity said...


Kris said...

Whoot! Whoot! for you. good job.

Heather Mae the DIY Gal said...

whew! charlo's comment made me laugh.

JanB said...

Good for you!
(Did you get a raise with that praise?)