Jun 17, 2010

My Boy

With his first birthday being tomorrow, I thought now would be a good time to talk about the incomparable Morgan Danger B.

He is just about the coolest baby I could have imagined. He is perfectly content (at times) to play with whatever toy he's currently looking at. This toy is most often a remote control or cell phone. (Don't get me started on the keyboard. Don't.) The times he's not, he's the most curious little boy in the world. I thought I understood curiosity, I was wrong. He gets into EVERYTHING. It's remarkable how much curiosity overlaps with mischief. Although it's nice to live in a home where I am (finally) not the master mess maker of the house.

He loves being chased, I'm treated to squeals of laughter and falling over trying to get away if I hustle after him saying "Daddy's gonna getcha!" And he loves the "throwing baby in the air and catch him before he hits the ground" game, which is good. If I had a baby who didn't, I don't know how we would bond. Though, it's fair to say he loves it because we've never overlapped that game with the "throw baby in the air and don't catch him before he hits the ground" game.

He's quite skilled at peek-a-boo. He instinctively seems to know that the dad-shaped blanket or towel on the couch is hiding dad, but he humors me anyway.

His little teeth are just the cutest. He's started this thing (hard to describe, but I'll try my best) where he smiles, drops his jaw, and breathes in audibly. Hard to describe, but just the cutest funniest thing ever. His hair is getting long, we've never cut it, and that's largely due to me. It's just so darn cute, I'm mortally afraid to have two knives on a pivot near my son's head, and it could be a little bit of honorable jealousy. If I can't have hair, my son's going to, dang it! (At least until he's older. Genetics and old wives tales don't paint a picture of a hairy headed middle-aged Morgan).

I've said it in conversation several times, but I don't think I've ever said it in my blog. (If I have, well, I'm saying it again) the best thing about my recent surgery and recovery hasn't been feeling less pain. (though that's nice too). The best thing was being able to be with my son so much more. (And wife, of course). I'm going back to school next week, some days I'll be gone at class and/or work until 9:30, his bedtime, and I'll miss him terribly. But, school isn't forever, and I'll just make sure the nights I do come home before bedtime are at least twice as fun to make up for it.

Being a parent has been amazing, and I'm not done yet. (And according to some (Bill Cosby) I'm not even a parent yet). Tracie and I have been talking about our lives changing, and the ups and downs, and how drastically different our lives have become in the past year. I know many/most of you are parents, so you may not care or find most of/any of this new or interesting, but I'm posting it anyway. Life before Morgan was a lifetime ago. (Literally: his). It's probably one of the most polarizing occurrences ever in my life. (Beating the near decade holding champion, my mission). I never thought I could love someone so much and not stand him so much, sometimes simultaneously. I never thought the same decision could be among the best and worst I've ever made. (To have a baby, as well as everyday choices on raising said baby). I've never been so overjoyed and annoyed with one person, even beating out (narrowly) Tracie. ;) Sometimes I want to smother him with kisses, others I just want to smother him.

Like his mother, he gives me some of the best gifts in the world. Unconditional love, endless joy and laughter, and motivation to improve myself and be a better person. The biggest reason why I decided to get back to church was because of them. I want to be an eternal family, and if boring speakers and recycled lessons are the way to do it, then that's just what I'll do.

Happy Birthday to my little boy of joy, your father loves you and will do everything he can to help you grow into your greatest potential.


Mark said...

Happy early birthday to Morgan. I think that someday when he reads this, it will be a great first birthday present. Your Mother and I feel the same way about you. You bring us endless joy and boundless love.

HailerStar said...

The fact you said you want to smother him with kisses at times and smother him at other times ... wins my award for Most Honest Parental Comment ever made. (That or I know too many people who gush how perfect and unannoying their kids are).

Happy Birthday to your son!

Wishes for joy for the coming year:)


Kris said...

Amen. He is by far the most curious george I've ever encountered, and he's my grandson and I love it. He makes me smile, and I know that he will always do so. So blessed that he is a par of our lives. Happy Birthday my little "Danger"!!

Heather Mae the DIY Gal said...

I just LOVED hearing about your relationship with your son. Happy Birthday Morgan!

Laurie said...

You are such a good dad, and Morgan is so adorable! Happy Birthday!

JanB said...

That was great, Austin!
I hope Morgan has a great 1st birthday. (We likely won't be there, though...Still finishing up with Nikita's b-day.)
You're a great daddy, and Morgan is such a lucky boy to have you.