Jun 28, 2010


Glass of Random* is alive again!

I considered creating a new blog, but there's no real reason, so, now that I'm again in a creative writing class, I'm posting creative writing again! Funny how that works.

I just made 2 posts, both writing exercises, nothing to sing or scream about, but I'm proud enough of them and unashamed enough of them to have them visible for anyone who wants to read them. Plus it helps the creative juices get flowing, and I'm a big fan of creative juice.

Our class has only done writing exercises and prompts so far, so that's all there is. I'm tempted to post a small tiny sketch I wrote while freewriting, and I might, but for now, there's just one entry called "This Journal is..." and one entitled "Titles of Stories I Will Never Write."

Let me know if you read them, if you want to read them, if you like them, hate them, are ambivalent towards them and want to read more.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to writing.

*(glassofrandom for those of you unfamiliar with it, is Tracie's and my fiction blog. (mostly mine) It's viewable by invitation only, but we're not stingy with invitations if you'd like to view it, let me know)

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Jacob I. McMillan said...

Let me read this.