Jun 21, 2010

Wyld Weekend

This weekend we had parties every day. Excellent!

Friday, our friend Matt turned 30 and we had a fun BBQ and volleyball party at the park. Morgan and I spent most of the time exploring/trying to make sure our son didn't hurt himself too much while exploring, and Tracie played volleyball. A good time was had by all.

Saturday was Morgan's birthday party! As my young men's advisor/president said to me many times, the adage proved true: "if it wasn't for the last minute we'd never get anything done." Ok, it's not an adage, he was talking specifically about me. There, you happy now? So at about 12:00 (the party started at 2) I went looking for balloons, baking powder for the cake and a few last minute supplies. The dollar store only sold metallic balloons, Smiths was OUT of baking powder, but Macey's had everything we needed. At about 1:00 I went to the clubhouse to set everything up, as Tracie and Morgan were still getting ready. At breakleg speed, I set up the streamers, animal stickers, table, DVD setup, food, beverages, balloons and everything.

Most of our guests arrived before the man of the hour showed up, guess he wanted to make an entrance. We had him open presents, (I'm writing this at work, so I'll give a full inventory of the swag later) he got tons of toys, copious amounts of clothes, and a bevy of books. Surprising to me, he actually seemed interested in the toys, not just the boxes/bags they came in. We then watched the DVD Tracie made the night before, a slide show of Morgan's first year. It was really well done, and no I'm not just saying that, even forgetting the fact that she did it in a few hours. We'll have to show you, those who haven't seen.

Then came the traditional baby eating the cake by himself. On drop cloth and in high chair, Morgan attacked that cake like nobody's business. I was surprised at how much he had eaten, until his mom removed him from his seat, and the equivalent of 2 large slices of cake lay in crumbs where he sat. (btw, Tracie made him a yellow cake from scratch with real whipped cream and strawberries. This just in, I'm turning one next year.) She cut the cake into a letter "M" for "Mighty Mighty Mister Mormon Morgan Man"... or just Morgan. That about does it for the party, then we (I) rested, our dear friends mostly did all the clean up themselves, and Tracie and I staggered home for a much deserved nap. Thoroughly exhausted, we decided to order pizza and ate it all up. One down, seventeen to go. After that, Morgan, throw your OWN birthdays! ;)

Sunday (we did go to church, thank you) was the annual McNeil family father's day get together. We had banana splits and visiting. Morgan rode his first swing (conclusion: he loved it) as well as had fun adventuring Aunt Sharon's backyard and navigating a hill (conclusion: he was going down and there wasn't anything he could do about it).

I am exhausted, and I think I need a break. Unfortunately, I'm getting my wish. This week, Tracie and Morgan are going to Vernal to visit Tracie's sister for three days. Good: no baby. Bad: no baby, no Tracie. I'll miss them, but it'll help me appreciate them more, right? What else is sad is that on THURSDAY I'm starting up school again. I might drop the creative writing class so I can have a less insane schedule and see my babes more often, I mean because I read that the teacher of the creative writing class isn't very good. (One review from ratemyproffesor.com: 'This teacher will make you hate writing.' Nice.)

I'm tempted to drop it before going, as there were 2 decent reviews and about 30 scathing reviews, but I want to give the teacher a try, mostly because I love writing and want to give her a challenge. More of that as it unfolds, so how was your weekend?


Charlo said...

Well, did the hate the teacher because he made them work, or because he is the spawn of satan... there is a difference you know.

Happy birthday Moderately Masochistic Morgan Man.

Wendy said...

Sounds like a busy weekend and I want to turn one next year too!

We went to a father's day breakfast Saturday morning organized by Jake's mom. Good food and a very competitive game of chair basketball (the most vicious players were the old men in their ward!). That afternoon we went to a movie without the baby and I had to be the one to tell Jake NOT to get up in the middle of the film to call and check on him.

We miss you guys and Morgan is so lucky to have loving parents who would throw him such a fun party.