Jun 15, 2010


I don't know where this came from, but it's funny.

If you watch the movie "Jaws" backwards, it's a movie about a shark that keeps throwing up people until they have to open a beach.

If you watch LOST backwards, you realize it's the same thing as if you watched it forward.

If you watch Heroes backwards, you realize it's getting progressively better over time.

If you watch Friends backwards, Courteney Cox seems to be getting older somehow. I think it's the hair.

If you watch House backwards, it's still never lupus.

If you watch Rambo backwards, it's about Sylvester Stallone healing people with his magical bullet vacuum.

And repairing helicopters with nothing but a bow and arrow.

If you watch Fight Club backwards, you see Ed Norton turn from a crazy street person to a successful productive member of society.

If you watch the 1997 theatrical release of Episode IV backwards, Greedo shot first.

If you watch Memento backwards, it makes complete sense.

If you watch The Lord of the Rings Trilogy backwards, it's a saga about a little guy who gets a cool ring from a volcano and spends the rest of the films walking home.

If you watch Pulp Fiction backwards, you may be taken back by the number of times you hear "Kuff" and "Rekufathum."

And it's still not in the right order.

If you watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer backwards, Spike gets way cooler. Shoot, everyone does.

And Dawn inexplicably disappears, and no one seems to care.

If you watch Firefly backwards, it still ends way too soon.

Same as Arrested Development, but then a lot of the jokes don't make sense until later.

If you watch "Curious Case of Benjamin Button" backwards, you'd go "why in the world are the focusing on the only normal guy in the movie?"

If you watch "Forrest Gump" backwards, it's a good version of Benjamin Button!

if you watch the Highlander backwards, there can always be two.

If you watch an episode of the Cosby Show backwards, everyone laughs and then suddenly realizes they have mediocre upper-class problems.

if you play country music backwards, the singer gets his truck, wife, and dog back and gives up drinking.


Jacob I. McMillan said...

Apologies to Bill Hicks:

"If you listen to New Kids on the Block backwards, they sound better."

Heather Mae the DIY Gal said...

Haha lol! That was great. Kudos to mentioning Firefly. Ryan and I are disappointed that the season was canceled. At least they made the Serenity movie.

Lol, on Benjamin Button, we just watched that last week. Missed your movie critiques, but def DON"T miss the American Idols critique stuff.