Aug 10, 2010

Jade Lotus

Final Project for Digital Prepress:
Design a logo for a high end Chinese Restaurant, design a business card, gift card and gift card holder. The jpeg messed up the alignment but you get the idea.

Tell me if you can see the face in the logo.


Jacob I. McMillan said...

I saw the face and then I couldn't stop seeing it. Nice work. Though I think "Jade stalk" would be a better name.

Charlo said...


I don't see the face, however, I did notice that that fortune cookie has a ravenous appetite for paper.

Mark said...

I see the face, but I think that the cookies look like PacMan.

Wendy McMillan said...

Jacob! Don't get dirty on Austin's blog and you can no longer make fun of my nonfiction reading if you're going to refer to it so openly in public.

Austin said...

Jake- I doubt penis is the best name for a restaurant, but nice innuendo.

Charlo- Keep looking for the face, it's there, I swear.

Dad- PacMan or Audrey II.

Wendy- Thanks for calling your husband on it. I don't get the reference but I am aware of the term.

Ammon said...

Let us know the final grade.

Austin said...