Sep 30, 2008

Hello, October

Goodbye September,
I'll fondly remember

Hello October,
tenth month of the year.
What surprises do you hide,
folded into your days?

And you wonder why I think I'm an awful poet. Shame shame.

This is one of the many "I'm blogging because I want to" entries. I want to get in at least one more entry before the month is up. So, a little update on the me.

I've taken my first Art History Test, but the teacher has yet to grade it. I knew quite a bit, but not everything, so I'm guessing I got a B. History is still going good, haven't had any assignments which has been nice, I only get 2 grades, the midterm (in 2 weeks) and the final, so I have to do good on those or else. :) And writing for mass media is also going along well, I just had my group presentation yesterday on "Political Comedy" and I think it went rather well. I won't know for sure as I had my classes dropped!

Long story short, when I applied for a loan, the company I was going through wanted me to be the sole account holder, not a joint account holder with my wife. So I opened up a new bank account and am waiting to straighten all this out in the next day or two. Fun fun fun. Don't procrastinate, kids. Though, procrastination didn't really hurt me as much as the UHEAA. Le sigh.

Still very stressful, still very enjoyable. I haven't had to work or think this much in a job since... ever. But, I like everyone I work with and have the biggest cubicle I've ever had! Plus I'm being paid more than I've been paid in over a year. But soon I'm going on a new pay structure, which potentially has me making even more, or much less. Ah, the joys of working!

My only thing scheduled for October is to brainstorm for NaNoWriMo, I'm going to get back into my "write 3 pages a day" thing I had going for awhile, as well as start reading Twilight. Sounds like a good horror story for October, right? If not, I'll just look into the H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King books we checked out at the Library. :) Ooh, and I have Neil Gaiman's "The Graveyard Book" reserved for me, once 9 people before me read it.

And I think we (Tracie & me) might join a book club this month! More on that as it unfolds...

and in sadder news, Paul Newman died. I only know him from Butch Cassidy and his cameo in Silent Movie, and his salad dressing. But I'm sure he was a great man, actor, humanitarian, and provider of Sockarooni pasta sauce.

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AJ said...

I love October for some reason, perhaps its because I am getting married this month :) Book clubs sound fun! And totally sad about Paul Newman :(