Sep 2, 2008

Weekend Updates

I started writing this update last week but it was a busy busy week so I never got around to it, so here's last weekend followed by this weekend. Just so you know, last weekend was funner. More fun. Funlier.

So this weekend was pretty fun. Not as fun filled/action packed as some, not as boring and lazy as others. It was a good mixture, which I'm happy with.

Friday after work we tidied up the apartment a bit, then went to our (ok, my) favorite date spot: The Nickelcade!!! Where else can you play vintage/broken arcade games for 5-15 cents each? Where, I ask you? The Nickelcade!This being Labor Day weekend, it was quite empty, so we were free to play some of the old arcade games (I won first place in a racing game, so I got another one for free! I've NEVER won first place at the arcade!) Tracie kicked my metal butt in some weird Japanese fighting robot game, and I wasted 2 whole dollars trying to win tickets. But we had fun Cruisin' the USA, killing aliens in Area 51, trying to catch each other with a broken Mortal Kombat game (the joysticks didn't work, so we stood there trying to hit the other) and Tracie Danced Danced her way into her very own Revolution. Our booty was less great than usual, I pillaged a cool plastic skull ring I creatively named "Ringo" (because he's a ring) and we also got 3 Laffy Taffys with less than hilarious jokes thereon. "What does an astronaut drink?" Tang. Wrong. He drinks moon juice. I thought Tang was funnier. But then, that's why I don't write jokes for Laffy Taffy, I guess.

Saturday I had my 2 History classes as mentioned, I really like them.


My poor Tracie got her wisdom teeth taken out, so I took 1/2 of Friday off so I could stay home, watching over her, making her soup, jello, and getting her pain meds. We also watched ALL of Friends, Season 10. We now have all 10 Seasons, not a big deal for everyone else, but it was for us. I've never seen the last episode of Friends, but now I have. Saturday was lazy except for the 2 classes I had in the am, American Civ and Art History. We learned about the peoples in America before the Europeans, and about Mesopotamian and Egyptian Art. Basically, I learned that the Native Americans weren't real Natives to America, and that the Spanish settlers were the meanest/cruelest/worst Europeans to America. And that Egyptians really focused on death and Mesopotamians focused a lot on war and fertility.

Sunday we missed church because we forgot it was Stake Conference today, :( but we instead watched 10th Kingdom, all 7 hours of it.

So, it was a very lazy weekend with a LOT of TV.

I didn't say it was fun, but I sure enjoyed it. :)

Sometimes you just gotta have weekends like that, and, it being the weekend after watching Tyson, Preston, and Mason, I think we (and by we, I mean mostly Tracie) deserved a little R&R & TV.

I'm looking forward to tonight, my second Writing class. Until then, or sometime after... bye for now! Maybe I'll get next weekend done before the next one.


HailerStar said...

Poor Tracey. *I can still remember getting my wisdoms out* Pain meds are you friends.
And I had to say I like your idea of fun, arcade! That and I love that you watched 10th Kingdom since it is one of my most favorite series ever. *I think Wolf is awesome*

lynette said...

ah, the nickelcade. ammon and i use to go there. he played all the old arcade games and i played all the ticket games. fyi--the fart powder doesn't work.

Heather said...

oh man..

I miss the fun and cheap date nights with Ryan..

We went the the very same Nickelcade once on a date before Seth was born, when we lived in Utah. I think we went with his brother Rusty, and my cousin JoLynn when they were dating.

And Ryan kicked my butt at every game. I think we went out for pizza.

Overall it was a good night. But no TV, we never in the 13 years of our marriage had cable, strange, no?

But Ryan did take care of me several times when I was sick. The best thing he did often was just to take the kids and disappear with them somewhere.

Thanks for looking after my little sis.