Sep 2, 2008

Saturday Classes are History

American History and Art History to be exact. Oh! See what I did there?

So Saturday I got up earlier than usual (guess I won't be sleeping in at all this semester) and went to American Civilization, my History GE. The teacher seemed smart, not long winded as History professors are apt to be, (though he never got the chance) but I think I'm going to like him, he's funny, smart, nice, and more than a little bitter at his Adjunct Professor status. Class got out about an hour and a half early, but I had Art History next, so I stayed in the class room and read some of my homework.

Art History will be good as well. It's with the same teacher I took my first Art History class (ironically, it was the second Art History class). We're studying Art History from Pre-History to Pre-Renaissance, our first class covered the longest span of time, about 30,000 BC to 6,000 BC. We looked at cave paintings, fertility idols and Stonehenge. I really like this teacher, she's nice, she knows her stuff, and her tests are easy. What everyone wants in an Art History class.

I was worried I'd have trouble staying awake Saturday mornings, but my teachers seem intent on keeping me awake and interested, I'll let you know if they succeed as the semester progresses.


Kris said...

I would be bored stiff in those classes. I do like art but I don't like having to try and figure out what the artist was trying to portray in the painting. It was his painting, maybe he or she just liked what he or she drew. Never know.

Good luck with our classes. You'll do well, guaranteed.

Heather said...

That's cool that you enjoy those class. I think I would be bored like my mom said. I just like to look the art, maybe take some pics, and that's it.

What's your future plans with the school? I am not sure what you are generally majoring in, that will eventually lead to a degree that leads to the lifetime profession you wish to lead?

I remember something about art and graphics design or something. Did I get that right?

Good luck with school. So important to get it done especially before the kids are born. I still haven't gotten my BA degree yet even though I took a ton of classes and attended college for four years. ( I just didn't have any direction or planning, or help for planning out my future)

Austin said...


you got it right, graphic design is the ultimate goal. the major is art & visual communication with a graphic design emphasis.