Sep 17, 2008

NaNoWriMo is coming!

It's getting to be that time again! National Novel Writing Month will return this November for it's tenth year, and the second year I'll attempt to write 50,000 words, or 1667 words per day. Last year, all the NaNoWriMo Writers drafted an impressive 1,187,931,929 words, of which 19,245 were mine. This year, I think they're going for 2 billion words, and I'm going for a more reachable 50,000. I am currently thinking what to write my novel about, if I should try to finish my 19,000 word monstrosity, or start something new from scratch. I am not devoid of ideas, I have quite a few I'd like to develop, we'll see what I decide on once November 1 hits the calendar.

In the meantime, I challenge anyone with an idea and a bit of time on your hands (1667 words a day isn't alot) to come along with me and write that novel idea you've had for so long. Registration begins October 1, writing begins November 1, so you still have plenty of time to convince your self to sign up!

Let's get through the crazy month together! Who'll join me?


Charity said...

I think I may do it this year. I've wanted to for a while, but I've never really gotten the guts to try it. But I now have something I really want to work on and having that goal and motivation may just help. Yay! Thanks for reminding me.

birdonthelawn said...

i will not join but i will stand on the sidelines cheering. did you know that lynnette and i have become pals?

HailerStar said...

I'm doing NaNo again this year. I'm crossing my fingers too cuz every Nov I seem to start off well and cuz it turns cold I catch something and get sick and the 'oh I need to write' goes out the window.

Austin said...

charity- DO IT! It's awesome. even if you don't get the 50,000 words done, you'll feel great, I promise.

ashley-your sidelines cheering is appreciated. i did know you and lynette have become pals, I'm jealous and hope the pregnancy is going well and you're able to leave your job soon. ;) (not too soon, but soon.)

heather-thanks for introducing me to NaNoWriMo in the first place, and I look forward to writing with you in the upcoming month. I'll try to motivate and sidelines cheer as well, and just remember, if you get sick, it's a PERFECT time to write! If you're healthy, it's a PERFECT time to write!

Ok, now who else is gonna join me in my crazy escapade?

Charlo said...

How bout this... I do it, but I don't sign up.

It sounds like a scam, like MARATHON RUNNING. Do they make you pay? I

Austin said...

nope, it's totally free. just go to their website, and look it over.

Tracie said...

I think I'm going to try as well IF I get the freelance project I'm working on done. But I'm like Charlotte; I don't want to sign up on the website itself.