Sep 12, 2008

Pink and Palin

I've wanted to blog lately, but I don't have much to say. But, as I have said in the past, I say now: never stopped me before. I suppose I could rant a bit on things that have been bugging me lately.

Who the heck decided that "pink" is the generic "girl" color? And "who" decided to put "words" into "quotation marks" when they're "angry?"
Seriously tho, is this a new development, the designation that pink is inherently feminine, some marketing genius/nutcase in the 1920's going "Nobody's buying our pink baby clothing, see? We gotta do something about it, see? I've got it, see? We tell all the girl babies to wear pink, see? Girls look freakin adorable in pink. See?" Or was it an ancient technique, practiced by cavemen before fire or Geico Commercials, would dress their babies in pink or blue to deferentiate them, rather than pull down their tiger-skin diaper and risk becoming baby boy squirtgun target practice. "Throg! Little Boogoo got me again! There must be easier way to check which one boy and which one girl!" "Me know! Put boy in blue and girl in pink!" "Where we find blue and pink? We not even develop dyes yet!"

We may never know the answer. I'd care even more if I thought I looked good in pink, but as some of you may be unfortunate enough to know, I don't. And what is with the social ostracism accompanying men wearing pink? We don't think a woman is a lesbian or even a little butch if she puts on blue. But put pink on a man, and everyone around him suddenly becomes homophobic, or thinks they're in a bad 80's movie. (And I know what you're thinking, so stop it. There were TOO some good 80's movies.)

Matt Damon doesn't "like" Sarah Palin. Ok. Thanks for that, Matt. Maybe she was involved with Treadstone, and he just wants to protect us. Shouldn't he be working on his second Oscar-winning script with Ben Affleck? Or practicing his fight scenes while filmed by an epileptic camera man for Bourne 4, the Bourne Ennui? Sigh. Yeah, I'm Jason Bourne. Yeah, I can kill people, that doesn't mean I want to. Yeah, we're the government, we're corrupt and we want to kill you cuz you don't want to kill people for us, yet you'll kill all the people we throw at you. If they were smart, they'd hire the targets they want assassinated at Bourne, that'd take care of em in no time!
Seriously, I love those movies.

What else I like is Governor Sarah Palin!I don't know what ANY of her issues are, but I like her solely because she's a woman, and if I didn't like her, I'd be a sexist bigot. So, what I'm really trying to say is I'm for the Obama/Palin ticket, because that way I'm neither racist nor sexist, even though the only part of Obama I don't like is his white half. Seriously, America, how childish are we that if we criticize Palin we're sexist, we criticize Obama we're racist, we criticize McCain, we're anti-septegenarian, and if we criticize Bush, well, we're loyal Americans. That only leaves me free to criticize Biden, and for all I know, he could be great! But let's grow up a little and stop the attacks, let the opponents criticize without mud-slinging. The first party to STOP ATTACKING their opponent will be the one that my vote goes to.

And there's a new post for ya. ;)

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Heather said...

My husband and I are pretty excited about Palin as VP.

And my husband wouldn't be caught dead in pink. These are his colors: dark blue, light blue, black, gray, brown, beige, white (shirts only) and occasionally red.

If it weren't for the red, I would have declared that the wardrobe is SO boring.

But he is so sexy in black, and he knows it, and knows that I know that.