Feb 7, 2008

The 10 Missing Posts

OK. Here's a question. Last year, I did 23 posts. This year so far I've done 22. 23+22=45. Yet, when I pull up my blog dashboard, it says 55 posts. Does Blogger know something I don't?

*Several people told me what I didn't know. Blogger saves my drafts, and I had 10 of them. "Oh! That's very different... nevermind!" I guess that one I wrote awhile ago as my 50th post WASN'T my 50th post. 4 more to go.

I'd delete this one too, but I like that little guy too much!


lynette said...

Is your dashboard set to all, drafts, or published? You might have some drafts that you just aren't seeing. Weird. And, what is that a picture of?

Austin said...

i think it IS set to all. Thanks! And it's a pod of a plant, though I don't know what kind. I found it on flickr.