Feb 12, 2008

New Poll Post. Plus Pretty Pictures!

Firstly, I'd like to thank my old poll, "Who Do You Think Will Be America's Next President?" for sticking around almost a week after it closed. Looks like Obama won with 5 votes, McCain and Romney tied in second (but winner sadly takes all) and Hillary got 2 votes.
In the real world (or as real as it gets) Romney dropped out of the race, after America has shown again that they'd rather vote for a bigot than something they don't understand. Way to go, America!

New poll is a bit more light-hearted, and mostly an excuse for me to post some gorgeous pictures of nature I found on flickr. Please click on them, they're gorgeous. I said that already. The names are what I called them, not the actual titles. Except the last one. It's called "Il Bacio Buona Notte" or "The Kiss Good-Night."

Ok, this week's question is: Where do you want to visit? I'll let you vote on more than one thing, because I want to visit all of them.


Austin said...

Thanks for that. But that's not really here nor there, is it?

lynette said...

That top picture is so beautiful it looks fake!