Feb 27, 2008

What makes an "A"?

In my English class, our teacher asked us to write about what defines an "A" paper. I already asked if I could bring in a paper that I wrote and write: This. But he wants a definition, not an example. So, what makes an "A" paper? Structure? Order? No "Be" verbs? Correct spelling? Good syntax and grammar?

This is a bit of an issue for me, because when I got my Art History paper back, the teacher subtracted 4 points because of grammar and capitalization mistakes. Let me say that again. My ART HISTORY teacher deducted points because my ENGLISH GRAMMAR wasn't correct!

I've thought about what makes an "A" Paper, and I've come up with 4 principles I plan to write about. They are (perhaps inappropriately, all "C's"): Clarity, Concision, Concrete images, and Collective thought.

But I thought I'd ask you what you think constitutes an "A" paper. Does it need correct spelling, grammar, or is the topic more important? What gives the teacher the right to assign a paper's worth? Simply because they are a teacher? Because they're learned in the subject? Tell me what you think.


lynette said...

this is going to sound really obvious, but i think a well-written paper is an "A" paper. the kind of paper that makes complete sense. one that doesn't talk in circles or confuse. something that is to the point and engaging.

p.s. i hate teachers like that. have they read anything other than a textbook lately?

Andrew said...

But, Lynette! Circular logic works because circular logic works because

Ah, forget it.


Heather said...

Correct grammar and all that just only shows that you are really paying attention to what you are writing, and paying attention to details, and paying attention to structured thought and

you know...paying attention.

And that what makes an "A" paper.

Creativity and Originality followed by Details.

That is where Tracie, your sexy editor, comes in.