Feb 21, 2008


No, I'm not talking about the show. I'm talking about REAL Heroes! No, not Doctors, Policemen, Firefighters, Writers, or Military. THE REAL ONES. Comic book heroes!!!! Since Tracie already asked which super power you'd rather have, I'll ask who's your favorite? And, despite the laws of "favorite" means "pick only one," I'm going to bend those laws (MY super power) and let you choose as many as you want! I know, I spoil you.

In case you're wondering, my favorite super hero of all is Batman. Why? Well, he HAS no super-powers, just a brilliant mind and thirst for justice. Plus, he has all those "wonderful toys."

I just thought I should do TWO polls this week. One is for BEST Super hero, one is for WORST, lamest, biggest weenie, etc.

This should be fun. Make sure to add a comment in case I forgot your favorite. Coming next week: Favorite Villains!

And, finally, last poll was "Where Would You Like To Visit?" And the Gold goes to Hawaii, taking 60% of the vote, with Italy and Australia tying for the Silver, the Bronze/ Consolation prize goes to the Golden State of California, who probably cheated, but it's ok. Finally, honorable mentions with 3 each goes to New York, Paris, and Greece. Not good enough for a medal, but good enough for recognition. You all did well, you should be proud.


Kris said...

My favorite super-hero of course would have to be Superman. Sorry, he's the best. Of course I would have to agree with you about Batman. I do like that he uses his brain and has cool "toys". And there is a mysteriousness about him. That's all.

lynette_beckstrom said...

Batman for me! But the Christian Bale Batman! Ooo-la-la!

Andrew said...

The Tick is simultaneously the best and worst superhero ever.


Andrew said...

Also, the new Captain America qualifies for most lame. I mean, Bucky carries a gun. Not the Captain we knew.

Austin said...

Yeah, but now that he's armed, Captain America seems MORE american.

Heather said...


Clark Kent.

Plus a TV crush on Tom Welling.

GO Smallville!

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Heather's heart beating out of bounds!

HailerStar said...

Best Super Hero...Wolverine. I can't help myself. Not because of Hugh Jackman, either. But because I've always been drawn to him in the comics. He may have a gruff exterior but he kicks butt for the right reasons.
I'd have to agree that Batman is another great. We all need some vigilante justice in our lives.
Worst...Shredder from TMNT and the brain in the jar he worked for. Perhaps Sebastian Shaw from Marvel.
(Best Super Villian would go to Sarah Corvis from the new and now dead Bionic Woman. Played by Katee Sackhoff, if they'd kept her as the villainess throughout the series would not have tanked).